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  1. We want to keep the Netherlands dry, which means that when water comes
  2. into the area that's supposed to be land, we need to get it out.
  3. Now, there's a lot of factors that affect how quickly water can enter here.
  4. What I want to know is, if I can know how quickly water is entering this area over here,
  5. how many windmills will I need to pump it back out?
  6. And that is a matter of figuring out exactly how much one windmill can do?
  7. Each of these windmills has access to about 1000 W of wind power.
  8. Of that 1000 W, a lot of it is lost to friction.
  9. In fact, 400 W is lost as this rotates as the water sloshes along in here,
  10. There's many sources of friction here. We said the average dike is about 6 m high.
  11. I want to know how much water can each of these windmills move
  12. from down here all the say up to here in 1 day?
  13. This is a tricky problem but try your best and enter your answer here in kilograms.
  14. Remember, you can always go to the forums if you need help.