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  1. One of the checks we just established is we need to make sure that the packets
  2. we sent to the device come out and look exactly the same. So we need to compare
  3. two packets and all their fields. Now we could write a method to achieve that
  4. ,however there are some shortcomings with this. The first one is, not all the
  5. fields which we, which we have in the packet are actually sent to the device.
  6. For example, packet kind is only used to guide all generations. So we can have
  7. a good or a bad packet. However, the packet kind field is never ever sent to
  8. the device. The other consideration is, when you reuse your code, you might
  9. want to add another field. If you do that, you know maybe you have a new
  10. version of the router which has some more capabilities. if you, if you have to
  11. do that then you would have to go back to the method and change it and adopt it
  12. to the new packet. in E however, we have data automation, so we have built in
  13. functions which do print, copy, compare and so on and so forth. And those are
  14. generic. So, you don't need to adopt your code, they will work on all the
  15. fields, and do the right thing. Let's look at some examples of data automation.