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  1. Failure. It's a word
    that can be represented in many ways.
  2. It can describe a person;
    it can describe a group;
  3. it can describe everyone in this room.
  4. Everyone has failed;
    most have gotten back up.
  5. But it's a few that try harder
    and do whatever they can
  6. and won't stop until they have passed
    what they have failed.
  7. That is truly great.
  8. True success is never
    giving in to failure.
  9. George Patton said,
  10. "I won't ever measure a man's success
    on how well he can climb a ladder,
  11. but I will on how high he bounces back up
    when he hits the bottom."
  12. Whether it's getting an A on a big test,
    not making the team,
  13. or not getting the job of your dreams,
  14. those are just three out of thousands
    of millions of ways that you can fail.
  15. Sir Winston Churchill said,
  16. "Success consists of moving
    from failure to failure
  17. without loss of enthusiasm."
  18. Thomas Edison is a great example of this.
  19. He had failed over and over and over again
  20. before creating
    the first working light bulb.
  21. But he states, "I have not failed,
  22. I have just found 1000 ways
    that wouldn't work."
  23. Even though no one thought
    it was possible to create what he created,
  24. he still was determined to not stop
  25. till he created the first light bulb.
  26. Failure was the path
  27. to one of the greatest
    inventions in history.
  28. Oftentimes, failure
    is the beginning of greatness.
  29. Michael Jordan stated,
  30. "I have failed over and over
    and over again in my life,
  31. and that's why I succeed."
  32. When he first didn't make
    his high school varsity team,
  33. and was told he wasn't good enough,
  34. he still put in the extra hours.
  35. Greatness is the things
    that people don't necessarily see.
  36. It's the hours in the gym by yourself.
  37. That described Michael Jordan
  38. and his journey to get
    to where he is today.
  39. He was one of the few people
    that was passionate enough
  40. and would do whatever he could
    to be able to get better.
  41. Failure fueled his desire
  42. to be one of the greatest
    basketball players of all time.
  43. Everyone has a different
    representation on success,
  44. but I will leave you with mine.
  45. I think it is when you hit a wall,
    the good stand back and think
  46. while the great plow through,
    go under, climb over,
  47. and won't rest until they have passed
    the obstacle in their way.
  48. Thank you.
  49. (Applause) (Cheers)