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  1. Once you have capsules available, you can make all sorts of stringy objects.
  2. Here are some helices formed out of spheres. Your job is to make these helices
  3. out of capsules instead. Stringing together the capsules can be a little tricky,
  4. as you want to get the end conditions correct. Where two capsules touch, you
  5. want to generate only one sphere, not both. This saves on memory and increases
  6. performance. That said, you want to make sure that both ends of the helix have
  7. spheres on them. As a bonus challenge, try not to compute both points for each
  8. capsule on each loop iteration. It's more efficient if on each iteration you
  9. compute just one of the points. When you're done, the capsules should look like
  10. this. There's a parameter in the code called radial segments that you can
  11. increase to give a smoother result than shown here.