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  1. So now we are in a really great position.
    We have an equation that actually has
  2. numbers in it. However, it's time for me
    to make a confession. I'm really, really
  3. lazy. I'm just super tired of writing out
    all these words in our equation. I know
  4. that it is important first to keep in mind
    what are equations about. But I think that
  5. we can remember that. Even if we do take a
    few shortcuts as long as I remember what
  6. belongs in this spot of the equation or
    what this part of the equation means. I
  7. might as well rewrite money Grant has left
    with something shorter. I've kind of
  8. already taken a few shortcuts already. For
    example, I've used a dollar sign instead
  9. of writing out the word money. And I used
    a pound sign instead of writing out the
  10. words, number of. So it's okay to take
    shortcuts, as long as they make sense to
  11. us. So the thing that I decide to replace
    these words with could be, really whatever
  12. we want. A single letter, or a single
    symbol. I think I'm going to use a,
  13. square. We can do a similar thing for
    number of months over here. Going with the
  14. geometry theme, I am going to call this,
    triangle, instead of number of months. So
  15. what I'm really doing here then, is
    assigning a new name, to each of these
  16. parts of the equation. We're going to say
    that square equals money Grant has left,
  17. and triangle equals number of months. So
    lets rewrite this top equation up here.
  18. Using our new symbols. Here are four spots
    that we need to fill in to make our new
  19. equation. or rather, our modified version
    of the original equation. Please pick from
  20. the buttons under each slot to select
    which number or symbol belongs in the box
  21. above. Good luck.