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Ep. #176 HTML to PHP in Adobe Muse - YOUTUBE PLAYLIST

Now supports Google v3 API
The problem with just using a widget to place YouTube playlists in Muse is the content (Keywords, Descriptions, Titles, etc) are not actually part of the html content of your site, so none of it gets indexed by Google and it offers no SEO benefit. ALSO SUPPORTS BOTH IFRAME AND OLD EMBED (THE OLD EMBED CODE IS REQUIRED IF YOU WANT YOUR VIEWS TO BE COUNTED)

However using PHP in your Muse project allows the PHP code to generate all this information for you dynamically and be SEO friendly.

This script automatically sets up your Meta Tags for descriptions, keywords, Facebook OG and Twitter tags, Rich Snippets; it even has the option to cache the video thumbnails on your server with file names that contain the title of the video, so that the images can be indexed by Google and found in image search and bring even more traffic to your site. Descriptive URLs are also handled as well.

You will be able to publish your Muse Project just like normal, directly to your ftp server.

Below is the code. Please leave comments if you have any questions and watch the video for complete instructions on how to use this.

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