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  1. The by command is going to allow us to answer this
  2. question. So first I'm going to create an r block of code
  3. and I'm going to use the by command. I'll pass a www_likes
  4. as the first parameter and then I'll pass gender as the
  5. second, since that's the variable I would have split our
  6. www_likes over. I want to total of likes for each gender, so
  7. I'm going to use the sum function here. Writing this code we
  8. can see our output. The likes for males is at 1430175.
  9. But it's the females that have way more likes. There
  10. are over three and a half million. It looks like
  11. females have more than two times the number of likes
  12. as men. And while this might seem trivial, information like this
  13. can help websites or other businesses decide which features are
  14. used most often by different subgroups. This might help a
  15. business or a website decide which feature they should continue
  16. to invest in, or which ones they should just leave behind.