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← 【37th WEEK】まや「初めてエッチしたとき…」禁断のガールズトーク!

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  2. [Previously unaired footage]
  4. WORK! -SOTA
  5. Okay, so... How many people
    have you done it with?
  6. Alright!
  7. Maya, your turn.
  8. Okay, let me count.
  9. That many?!
  10. -So you're a bi... after all.
    -She's like "Let's see..."
  11. So I'm a what? A Bi...? You
    mean I'm a bitch?
  12. So I'm a bi... after all!
  13. So "bi..." means bitch?!
  14. I thought if I said the whole word
    she'd get angry, so I stopped at "bi".
  15. -I thought it meant "beautiful."
    -No way.
  16. But I've only ever done it with
    someone I was dating, so...
  17. ... I think five people.
  18. So you've had five boyfriends
    up until now.
  19. -No.
  20. -I've dated seven people.
    -Oh, now I understand.
  21. -I thought...
    -I thought it was the other way round!
  22. I see.
  23. Yui Tanaka!
  24. Me? Do I need to tell you?
  25. -I'm sorry.
    -But, yeah...
  26. -We don't know about Yui-chan...
    -Maybe something did happen?
  27. -No, nothing happened!
  28. It's zero, zero.
  29. -Aya said she's had fourty.
    -I'm sorry?
  30. No way she's had fourty.
  31. No, Shun, you're up next.
  32. -Four.
  33. -But that's with girlfriends, right?
  34. -Really? Really?
    -And zero men.
  35. I've only ever done it with
    someone I was dating, too.
  36. I've dated three people... But
    I haven't done it with all of them.
  37. -Just two?
    -Yeah, two.
  38. But that means I've had the most!
  39. I have problems with my jaw... It
    always pops when I'm kissing someone.
  40. Some mentioned it. Like "Maya, your
    jaw just popped... Are you okay?"
  41. It's like...
  42. -I just heard it!
    -You heard it?
  43. That's what happens.
  44. What kind of kiss gets your
    jaw dislocated?
  45. It's like she's eating!
  46. -That's crazy!
    -I knew her foreign part was strong.
  47. -What kind of sex do you like?
    -What kind of sex do I like?
  48. I feel the same way Yui does... Sorry,
    I don't mean to say we're the same.
  49. -Don't say that!
    -You're not like her at all!
  50. No, wait! I might feel the same
    way Yui does. I can imagine.
  51. -I want my first time to be beautiful and clean.
    -Ah you mean with a man?
  52. -If that's what's gonna happen.
    -I see.
  53. -What's it been like with girls?
  54. I want her to beat me.
  55. -What?
    -I want to get beaten.
  56. -What do you mean get beaten? Like "pow!"?
    -I want to get beaten like "pow!"
  57. -Where?
    -Anywhere. Face, ass, anywhere...
  58. But I really don't like sex.
  59. -Even if it's with your boyfriend?
    -I'd always cry when I did it with my boyfriend.
  60. -Maybe not every time, but I'll cry.
    -You don't like it?
  61. I cried when I did it for the first time.
  62. Why? Because it hurt?
  63. I don't know. I just cried.
  64. What do you mean?
    Was it like "Mom, Dad, I'm sorry"?
  65. Do you think that's what it was?
  66. I don't know... The first time I did it
    he didn't notice...
  67. With the guys after that, there were times
    when I'd cry and times when I wouldn't.
  68. And some of them did notice.
    I just don't like it very much.
  69. But I love kissing.
  70. I just love kissing.
  71. I'm just putting it out there.
    I love kissing, you know.
  72. -But not sex.
    -Not so much.
  73. But... I love sex when it's with my
  74. -Really?
    -Yeah, I like it. You know...
  75. Is there anyone who doesn't like
    doing it with their boyfriend?
  76. I mean, it's your boyfriend
    after all.
  77. -That's true.
    -It's the person you're in love with.
  78. I want to be touched, you know.
  79. I know, I want to be touched, too.
    So I hug, and I kiss, but...
  80. ... I don't know. It's like "Why are
    you touching my body?"
  81. When we're doing it, it's like I'm suddenly
    more aware of everything.
  82. I'm like "Why is he touching my
    body like that?"
  83. -Even someone you're in love with?
  84. Like "Why do you have to touch
    me so much?"
  85. -I wonder what's it gonna be like for Yui.
  86. She's saying there are types who
    don't like it that much.
  87. -And there are types like... this!
    -Who love it...
  88. Who want to be tortured...
  89. There are many different
    kinds of people.
  90. Which do you think I am?
  91. -You might be a masochist.
  92. Yui seems like the kind of person who
    suddenly starts a discussion.
  93. -"Why did you just touch me there?"
    -"Why? Why?"
  94. "Wait a sec! Wait a sec!"
  95. "Why did you just lick me there?"
  96. She'll say "Wait, not there!"
  97. "Don't lick me there now!
    Why are you doing that?"
  98. You're just imagining all of this
    about Yui...
  99. I'm just playing it out in my head.
    I'm sorry.
  100. -An imaginary play not to be told.
  101. -Thank you.
    -Thank you?!
  102. -Thanks for telling me.
    -Thank you very much.
  103. [Translated and Timed by MrsChap]
    [Reviewed by koma]