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  1. Maybe you have the stereotype that women don't like hockey. Well I'm here to be
  2. the exception to the rule for your stereotype, because I love hockey. Wait, let
  3. me clarify that. I'm a Detroit Red Wings fan. That's right, I have only one
  4. team that I'm in favor of, and that's the Detroit Red Wings. Now when I was
  5. living in Michigan in the Detroit area, I would run into other Red Wings fans
  6. all the time. Everywhere we went somebody had on a t-shirt, they had on their
  7. hats. They had on their jerseys. And it was awesome. But now that we're talking
  8. about the Red Wings, that's going to bring us to our next topic. Let me set the
  9. scene. Throughout the years as a Red Wings fan I've had the great opportunity
  10. to watch my team win multiple Stanley Cup championships, and it's been awesome.
  11. And throughout those years we've also seen a few pesky teams that prevented my
  12. team from moving forward in the playoffs. One of those teams was the San Jose
  13. Sharks. Now, I really had no opinion of them other than that they were a team
  14. that sometimes got in the way. Fast-forward a few years and I find myself
  15. living in enemy territory with the San Jose Sharks and their fans. It turns
  16. out, unfortunately, that a lot of the fans don't like the Red Wings, or Red
  17. Wings fans. Now, how do I know that? I know because I've experienced first hand
  18. what it's like to be treated as an outsider. I'll never forget the time when I
  19. finished teaching my general psychology course, ran down to my office, and put
  20. on my Wings gear, and went down to catch the bus to watch the game. I got on
  21. the bus, and I realized that I was in a sea of teal, all Sharks fans. And
  22. immediately they all started booing me. Some people had some off color remarks
  23. about my team. And they were yelling me go back to Detroit. Well, I can tell
  24. you from that experience it was obvious that I was a part of the out group, and
  25. not a part of the in group. As you can imagine, the bus ride was a little
  26. uncomfortable. There were a few people who were kind of nice to me. I think
  27. they felt badly because I was getting picked on, but for the majority of the
  28. ride people were booing me. Here's the interesting part. When I got to the
  29. arena I saw a lot of Detroit Red Wings fans. They were wearing their jerseys,
  30. had their hats on, and we smiled at each other, we high five. We yelled, go
  31. wings, and here I had total strangers, but I felt a part of that in-group. And
  32. I did not feel a part of the San Jose Sharks, that would be the out-group.