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Tim Wu - Net Neutrality and You


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The public is invited to hear Tim Wu speak on Net Neutrality at Village Independent Democrats.
St. John’s Lutheran Church Annex, 83 Christopher Street, on Thursday, December 11, at 7:45 PM
Admission is free.

Tim Wu coined the expression “Net Neutrality” – the principle that Internet service providers should offer equal access to all content and applications and equal service to all users. While the Obama administration embraces this concept and considers the internet a public utility, there are powerful lobbies and a Republican-dominated Congress that could block or severely modify Net Neutrality. Professor Wu’s talk will explain how net neutrality benefits American consumers and the American economy.

Tim Wu is an author, policy advocate, professor at Columbia Law School, fellow at the New America Foundation, and contributing editor at The New Republic and The New Yorker. Best-known for the development of Net Neutrality theory, Wu also writes about free speech, copyright, and antitrust matters.

In 2014, Wu ran for Lt. Gov. of New York in the New York Democratic Primary on a ticket headed by Zephyr Teachout.

In 2013, Wu was named one of America’s 100 Most Influential Lawyers by the National Law Journal. He has served as a senior advisor to the Federal Trade Commission, Chair of Media reform group Free Press, and fellow at Google, and worked for Riverstone Networks in the telecommunications industry. A law clerk for Judge Richard Posner and Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, he graduated from McGill University and Harvard Law School.

Village Independent Democrats
26 Perry St., New York, NY 10014