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  1. So the answer to this question is that both the
  2. skin color and the disposition appear to be related in these
  3. families, as opposed to height, doesn't appear to related in
  4. our first family. Now what do we mean by this? All
  5. I mean is that when we look at the son
  6. here in the first example, he's much taller than the parents.
  7. Both the parents are short, so we're asking the question,
  8. where did the trait of the son being tall come from.
  9. Not only does it not appear to come from either one
  10. of the parents individually, but it doesn't look to be a
  11. combination of the pair's height either. In the case of skin
  12. color and disposition though, we see that both the daughter and the
  13. baby share the same skin tone as the parents so it
  14. appears as if that trait was related in this case. And
  15. the same thing for disposition. While one parent seems to be
  16. sad most or all of the time, the children are happy and
  17. resemble what the other parent looks like most of the time,
  18. which is having a happy or really cheery disposition. Now it's
  19. really important to remember as we go through this lesson and
  20. all the lessons in this course Just because a trait appears
  21. to be related or to be inherited in a particular ways.
  22. Looks can be deceiving sometimes. And we will talk in great
  23. detail about what aspects of traits have a genetic component and
  24. which of those might have an environmental component down the line.