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  1. Let's check the variables that are read by B.
  2. This is the variable C and the variable quote.
  3. Lets first check C. Where is C being written?
  4. C is being assigned here in this for statement.
  5. Therefore, this statement indeed is what B is dependent upon.
  6. Next one down here.
  7. Here we have C and quote again, but they are only being read and not written.
  8. Therefore, these do not influence the data at B.
  9. Down here we have quote equals not quote. This is obvious.
  10. Quote is being set, and therefore we have a data dependency.
  11. Finally here, we have out equals out plus C.
  12. Here the out variable is being written, but nothing in here reads the out variable.
  13. Therefore, there is no data dependency.