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  1. Finally all these adds up on the left hand side over here to cost.
  2. What are the cost and expenses to operate the business model?
  3. One of the interest thing things about cost is it's not just the obvious ones
  4. like people or buildings or materials.
  5. What you are going to be asking is what are the entire cost to operate a business model.
  6. You want to think about our what are the most important cost you need to worry about?
  7. What are the most expensive resources you're going to need to pay for?
  8. And what key activities are the most expensive?
  9. And then you want to ask the typical accounting things.
  10. What are fix cost? What are variable cost? Are their economies of scale?
  11. And you want to start getting a good handle on what it is
  12. that will end up costing you money to run your business.