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  1. So ACTION_DETAIL is the action for when
    a user views the details of a product,
  2. so that's basically anytime they
    go to the view product page,
  3. or they select the product in a list.
  4. And you're going to be doing that
    with the dinners in a minute.
  5. When the user purchases the product,
  6. the action is somewhat
    unsurprisingly ACTION_PURCHASE.
  7. When the user removes the product from
    the cart, the action is ACTION_REMOVE.
  8. Okay, I'm guessing this is
    going to be ACTION_CHECKOUT.
  9. And in fact, it is.
  10. So all of these, I think,
    are very intuitive.
  11. The one that's perhaps not quite so
    obvious is ACTION_DETAIL, which is
  12. basically what you use whenever a user
    views the product or views the details.
  13. So maybe it should be ACTION_VIEW.
  14. But, no, it's not, it's ACTION_DETAIL.
  15. I just need to remind you that
    these actions are purely for
  16. information to send to Analytics.
  17. You'll still need to write the code
    to actually add the product to
  18. the cart, etc.