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  1. Can you remember connecting with people
    without a digital device?
  2. Face-to-face conversations
    are the antidote
  3. to much of what’s wrong in today’s world.
  4. They allow people to see each other,
  5. listen to each other,
    learn from each other.
  6. So here at TED we have an idea
  7. for making face-to-face connections
    easy, fun, and powerful.
  8. We’d like to introduce you to TED Circles.
  9. They’re designed
    to enable anyone, maybe you,
  10. to get together regularly
    with a small group of friends or neighbors
  11. to discuss some of the world’s
    most riveting ideas.
  12. How do TED Circles work?
  13. Simple.
  14. Each TED Circle is based around a TEDTalk,
    which people watch and discuss.
  15. There are monthly themes,
  16. like "the pursuit of happiness",
  17. or "invention",
  18. and a selection of talks
    related to that theme.
  19. Hosts pick a talk,
  20. find a location -
    such as their home or a café -
  21. and then invite people they know,
    and maybe open it up to others too.
  22. By joining a Circle,
    you’ll learn new things
  23. and strengthen relationships
    with people in your local community.
  24. In turn, you’ll be part
    of a global conversation
  25. with thousands of Circles
    talking about topics that matter most.
  26. Why are we doing this?
  27. TED’s a nonprofit,
    our mission is to spread ideas.
  28. And in a world of division,
    this is a beautiful way to do just that.
  29. Anyone can host a TED Circle -
  30. they’re fun, energizing,
    free and open to everyone.
  31. So sign up today to start your own!