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  1. The basic pairing rules of DNA, A to T and C to G, are determined by the
  2. chemistry of these nitrogenous bases. In the DNA world, a single strand
  3. of DNA can have any sequence that
  4. it wants, any order of deoxynucleotides with any
  5. order of nitrogenous bases. But a double-stranded
  6. DNA must have a complementary strand or pair
  7. opposite to it that has the right matching
  8. nitrogenous base across from it. A complementary strand
  9. of DNA is just a DNA strand that base pairs with another. So for example, this
  10. strand on the left has a complementary strand
  11. across from it and the DNA strand here
  12. has a complementary strand across from it. We
  13. either refer to this as a complementary strand or
  14. just a complement. What I want you to do now
  15. is see if you can figure out which of the four
  16. single-stranded molecules of DNA would base pair or complement with this
  17. single stranded DNA here at the bottom of the screen. Just
  18. imagine that you could take this sequence of letters and
  19. place it right on top of this DNA molecule here. Go
  20. ahead and select the answer that you think is best and
  21. remember if you need help you can just use the base
  22. pairing rules in the right hand corner of your screen.