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← Christine Ebersole-- "Around The World" from GREY GARDENS

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  1. Guess what happened?
  2. What I felt was in the cards.
  3. The Marble Faun is moving in.
  4. He just gave us the washing machine.
  5. That cements the deal.
  6. I can't bear it, I'm telling you.
  7. [Roiling piano]
  8. [Sings] It's my mother's house
  9. in my mother's name
  10. and you can't beat mother
  11. at mother's game.
  12. 'Cause she likes the people
  13. who I don't like,
  14. and if I don't like it,
  15. it's "take a hike!"
  16. Which is mother's way
  17. of reminding me
  18. when you live off mother,
  19. you can't be free.
  20. And, I think that mother
    is very mean,
  21. and this latest thing,
  22. with this washing machine,
  23. the one Jerry brought...
  24. don't be too surprised
  25. if a guy moves in,
  26. and I'm pulverized.
  27. 'Cause I'll be damned
  28. if I'm gonna waste my time
  29. washing clothes
  30. in a [bleep] machine.
  31. [Piano flourish]
  32. [Spoken] I feel very strongly
    about mementos.
  33. Memorabilia, I guess you call it.
  34. [Sweetly sings] Around the world
  35. is what I call
  36. my wall of
  37. special things.
  38. Around the world
  39. with rose bouquets,
  40. I dried, and tied
  41. on strings.
  42. A silver mask
  43. from a masquerade.
  44. Around and round
  45. I twirl.
  46. You tack them up
  47. so you can twirrrrl
  48. around the worrrrrld.
  49. [Piano intensifies]
  50. It's my mother's house
  51. with my mother's friends
  52. and with Jerry coming
  53. it never ends.
  54. It's the same old story
  55. as George Gould Strong.
  56. Not in twenty years
  57. did we get along!
  58. Though I do feel bad
  59. for the way he died:
  60. in a two-bit fleabag,
  61. a suicide.
  62. It was mother's money,
  63. the Bouviers.
  64. And if mother spends it
  65. in crazy ways,
  66. no one else took care of her,
  67. only me!
  68. She was taken care of!
  69. Not sexually.
  70. And if you infer
  71. that they were using her,
  72. I will shove you under
  73. the [bleep] bed.
  74. [Piano flourish]
  75. [Sweetly sings]
  76. Around the world
  77. with stones and shells
  78. the nicest one I lost.
  79. Around the world
  80. without a boat,
  81. or just a quote from Frost.
  82. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood."
  83. A lovely crossing on.
  84. Around the world,
  85. the world around
  86. the attic wall.
  87. Around the worrrrld
  88. there isn't room
  89. for every special thing.
  90. Around the world,
  91. you choose a few
  92. to make the music sing.
  93. A silver mask
  94. from a masquerade,
  95. around and round
  96. I twirl.
  97. You tack them up,
  98. so when you go,
  99. the world will be
  100. the one you know.
  101. A bird cage I plan to hang;
  102. I'll get to that
  103. some day.
  104. A bird cage
  105. for a bird
  106. who flew awayyyy.
  107. Around the worrrrrld.
  108. [Sweet piano]
  109. [Applause]