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05-12 Master Detail: Navigation for Tables

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  1. The navigation controller works
    especially well when combined
  2. with a table.
  3. This arrow accessory on the right of the
    tableView cell is a common UI component.
  4. It's standard to
    the master detail pattern.
  5. So what governs the appearance
    of this DetailView.
  6. Here in the UITableViewDelegate
    protocol you see the method
  7. didSelectRowAtIndexPath which we
    talked about in the previous lesson.
  8. When a table row is selected,
    we want to show that the details for
  9. this selected object.
  10. So we use the method
    didSelectRowAtIndexPath to
  11. push the DetailViewController
    onto the navigation stack.
  12. One of the following code snippets
    was copied from the next iteration of
  13. the Bond Villains app.
  14. Which looks like the right way
    to push a DetailViewController?