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  1. Okay so we got rid of this form HTML, let's just
  2. get rid of this altogether, and let's see if our basic
  3. scaffolding is working. So, instead of doing all that other stuff
  4. we were doing down there, let's just say, self.render, that's the new
  5. function we just added. Shopping_list.html, so this should just render that
  6. empty form, and then we'll go ahead and comment out the
  7. rest of this. Okay, and we'll take all of this other,
  8. other junk that we were doing before, and and we'll comment it
  9. out for now. Okay, let's go to our browser and
  10. make sure this works. Okay. I reloaded the page, and we
  11. have our add food thing again. And if I add
  12. foods, we can see them getting added to the URL, but
  13. since we don't have any of that that hidden input
  14. trick and we're not pulling things off our parameters anymore, it's
  15. just replacing the one item in the URL. But that basically
  16. shows our template is working end to end. Okay, so hopefully
  17. you were able to follow along with me through that. I
  18. know, I know it's kind of tedious, but now that we have
  19. the scaffolding up, we can actually start using these templates. So
  20. let's go ahead and learn a few things about Jinja templates.