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  1. Affordances provide the opportunity for actions.
  2. Anti affordances, prevent otherwise possible actions. So
  3. these bars appear to be examples of anti affordances. Bars that prevent cars,
  4. trucks and other large vehicles, from driving on the road. And anti affordances,
  5. are quite useful in many situations.
  6. But, these bars only look like anti-affordances.
  7. They clearly signify non passage. But, but look
  8. at the photographs. While the vertical bars appear
  9. to signify that an automobile can't pass over
  10. them. In this case, they're fake. They're false
  11. anti-affordances. They signify non passage. But in fact,
  12. they allow it. How? Well they bend when
  13. a car passes over them. Or as shown in the photo, if someone steps on them.