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  1. So every time a hit is sent
    from your app to Analytics,
  2. it includes certain
    kinds of information.
  3. You get to see which screens or
    activities your users went to.
  4. You get geo information,
    like their language and their location.
  5. You get device information.
  6. What brands, models, OS.
  7. And you get network info.
  8. So every time a hit goes to Analytics it
    carries all this information with it.
  9. So now that we've got some
    data in our dashboard,
  10. I'm going to drill down into
    the different parts just a bit.
  11. I'm not going to give an exhaustive
    tour of the dashboard.
  12. There is like week-long
    courses on how to
  13. understand everything in the dashboard,
    but I will take you to the key pages.
  14. Let's look at the audience and
    see the overview.
  15. And the overview page shows
    quite a bit of information.
  16. You can drill down here,
    see the country, the city.
  17. Now you all know where I was,
    probably no big surprise, the app name.
  18. So you can just drill down through
    these things and get the information.
  19. Notice the screen resolution and
    see that I went to 2.56 screens per
  20. session at nine sessions and
    the average session duration 27 seconds.
  21. That was the overview for the audience.
  22. You can look at the app versions.
  23. Another one that's cool,
    of course, is Geo,
  24. which gives you information
    about the languages.
  25. In this case only one language.
  26. The location.
  27. You can actually drill
    down into the location.
  28. You can just keep drilling down.
  29. At some point you won't be able
    to drill down any further.
  30. Another part of the dashboard that
    you should get really familiar with
  31. is the Behavior.
  32. Through the Overview
    gain a summary of things.
  33. The screens, there's all
    the screens the users went to.
  34. And remember this will be
    aggregated data for all your users.
  35. because in our cases just the one user,
    which is us.
  36. And you can drill down a bit more,
    get the average time on screen.
  37. Percent exit is how,
    what was the percentage of visits.
  38. This was the last visit to the app.
  39. So back in audiences too, of course,
    you can go down into the devices,
  40. Overview, my network operators,
    I don't know what they were.
  41. Anyway, you should drill down into
    your own data, see what you can see.
  42. So take some time to explore the
    different pages in the reporting section
  43. of the Analytics Dashboard,
    then take this quiz.
  44. What data do you get with auto
    activity tracking is enabled?
  45. Do you get to see users' locations,
    their devices, what
  46. buttons they clicked, who uses email
    addresses, and do you get to see what
  47. other apps they have on the devices,
    whether they were running your app.
  48. Check all that are true.