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  1. If we try the smaller image,
  2. then we see that the image is actually
    smaller than the size of the screen.
  3. So it doesn't matter if we choose scale
    type to be center or center crop.
  4. The full image will be able
    to be shown in the view.
  5. And this is what it looks
    like with a photograph.
  6. Now let's try the icon.
  7. That was called Android.
  8. So the size of the icon is smaller
    than the size of the screen so
  9. if we do wrap_content for the width and
    height then it should fit on the screen.
  10. It doesn't matter if we use center or
    center crop.
  11. Now what happens if we set the image
    view to be larger than the device size?
  12. Say we pick a really large
    number like 900dp and width and
  13. height, then the image you will take
    up a size larger than the screen size.
  14. But the scale type is set to center.
  15. So, the icon will be centered
    within that humongous image view.
  16. If we choose center crop though,
  17. the system tries to scale the image
    up to be a square of 900dp by 900dp.
  18. And then it centers and crops the image.
  19. Now that you've experimented
    with the image view xml,
  20. hopefully you have a better idea of
    how to display images in your app.