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Jamie Oliver crystallized his vision for a food revolution in his TED Talk. At the Charlton Manor Primary School in London, head teacher Timothy Baker is putting his idea into action by offering not just food education but education centered on food.

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  1. Jamie Oliver: My wish ...
  2. is for you to help a strong,
    sustainable movement
  3. to educate every child
  4. about food.
  5. (Music)

  6. To inspire families to cook again

  7. and to empower people everywhere
  8. to fight obesity.
  9. I came here to start a food revolution
  10. that I profoundly believe in.
  11. (Applause)

  12. [Great Big Story
    in partnership with TED]

  13. Narrator: They had a big idea
    to change the world.

  14. But they couldn't do it alone.
  15. (Voices overlapping)
    So, my wish ... My wish ... I wish ...

  16. And now here's my wish.

  17. [Torchbearers]

  18. [Ideas in action]

  19. (Knife chop)

  20. (Music)

  21. JO: Food is simple.
    It's just raw ingredients.

  22. But it's the most powerful
    killer on the planet.
  23. Every child has the human right
    to be taught about food:
  24. where it comes from,
    how it affects their body.
  25. And they should be shown at school,
  26. because it's at the front line
    of the fight against obesity.
  27. [London, England]

  28. [Charlton Manor Primary School]

  29. What happens at Charlton Manor

  30. is that incredible head teacher
    took it to the next level.
  31. [Timothy Baker
    Head teacher]

  32. Timothy Baker: In the past,

  33. the children weren't
    eating the right things.
  34. I've been inspired by Jamie
    to educate this school
  35. about the fact that we're feeding
    the children the wrong food.
  36. And I thought, well, the timetable
    is an already crowded place --
  37. there are so many lessons
    in the primary curriculum.
  38. How can you introduce another subject
    for teachers to teach?
  39. So we looked at English,
  40. we looked at maths, science,
    history, geography
  41. and we saw how we could
    put that around food.
  42. (Children laugh)

  43. Elizabeth: When you incorporate cooking,
    it's something everyone looks forward to.

  44. Male teacher: Today we're doing
    a little bit of science in the kitchen.

  45. Female teacher: We are going to combine
    our lessons on Diwali,

  46. but also our lessons
    on shape and symmetry.
  47. Male teacher: Is this a physical change
    or a chemical change?

  48. Children: Physical!

  49. Male teacher: You're right.

  50. TB: For history topics,
    we talk about the history of chocolate,

  51. and so we can do
    a whole topic around that.
  52. Male teacher: And the Aztecs
    have been cooking with chocolate --

  53. TB: And it's interesting
    because it's not made as they think,

  54. with all the milk in
    that they would have had --
  55. and the taste is very, very different.
  56. Some children like it;
    some children don't.
  57. (Laughter)

  58. For maths, simple weighing and measuring.

  59. Female teacher: We're going
    to be doing a lot of measuring

  60. because we have to
    measure out some liquids,
  61. which we did last term,
    we did some measuring.
  62. JO: What he's done is he's put
    food at the heart of the school,

  63. and he's fed the stomach and the mind.
  64. (Children yell excitedly)

  65. TB: Charlton Manor is a state school.

  66. About 80 percent
    of children come from areas
  67. that are identified as in poverty.
  68. The children had very little experience
    of being outside in the countryside,
  69. knowing about food-growing.
  70. Over a period of time,
  71. we were able to build a garden.
  72. (Children shout)

  73. Students: Welcome to the Secret Garden!

  74. Kehinde: This is our greenhouse.

  75. This is our compost bin.
  76. This is our wormery.
  77. (Music)

  78. This is our vegetable patch.

  79. And these are our chickens.
  80. Sean: The chickens come out,
    and they try and chase you.

  81. I had to run for my life.
  82. TB: Up at the community garden,

  83. we've got two polytunnels
    so we can grow year-round.
  84. Sean: I will pick onions,

  85. broccoli and carrots
  86. because they're all healthy,
  87. they make you stronger --
  88. obviously --
  89. and they just make me happy.
  90. So, yeah.
  91. (Birds chirp)

  92. TB: 12 or 13 years ago,

  93. there was a reluctance
    to engage in this sort of curriculum.
  94. There were many people
    that couldn't see what we were aiming for
  95. and what we were trying to do.
  96. Obesity hadn't reached the epidemic
    proportions it has reached now.
  97. We're getting children
    that look and appear more healthy.
  98. Concentration is so much higher.
  99. Behavior issues are incredibly lower
    than they have been in the past.
  100. Elizabeth: One the of the great
    things they've done is introduce us
  101. to worlds of healthy food.
  102. Kehinde: Before,
    I was a really picky eater.

  103. Sean: I feel better
    when I eat healthier food.

  104. TB: When you fail your maths A level,

  105. that's not going to shorten
    your life by 10 years.
  106. JO: You don't die young because
    you didn't do your geography homework.

  107. These kids die young if they
    don't know how to feed themselves.
  108. I think Tim and the team would inspire
    head teachers across the world --
  109. and parents.
  110. Any teacher has the same capacity
    to be as brilliant as he is.
  111. His story, we want to replicate,
  112. but the truth is
    we've got so much more to do.
  113. TB: Jamie really revolutionized
    our school dinners,

  114. and it really has hugely impacted
    all the children,
  115. but so many in a deep way
  116. which is going to stick with them
    for the rest of their lives.
  117. When you change a life like that,
    it makes it all worthwhile.
  118. From all of us at the Charlton Manor,
  119. thank you, Jamie.
  120. Student: Thank you, Jamie.

  121. Student: Thank you, Jamie.

  122. [Join the food revolution