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  1. Most solvers available on the market do not accept the differential equation in this form--
  2. the second-order differential equation, which is not an explicit form.
  3. What you instead have to provide is a function that returns the first derivative, the rate of change.
  4. The trick is to turn this differential equation into two differential equations of first order.
  5. Here is a hint for you--the first equation should be that the derivative of x with respect to time
  6. is some new variable called y, and now you have to provide the second equation
  7. for the derivative of y with respect to time.
  8. Should that be 7-3y+4x or 7-3 times the derivative of x plus 4x
  9. or 1/37 minus the second derivative plus 4x or 1/37 minus the first derivative of y plus 4x.