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  1. So you see up here, it says we're
    viewing data for all sessions.
  2. A session indicates a period of
    continuous use for your app,
  3. and it's a key concept
    in Google Analytics.
  4. So if you use your app for
    awhile, say for a few minutes,
  5. and then you put it down, let's say
  6. looking at dinner suggestions makes
    you hungry so you go get an ice cream.
  7. And then you eat your ice cream.
  8. It takes you about ten minutes.
  9. And then you go back to your app.
  10. And let's say you've been away
    from the app for ten minutes.
  11. So when you go back to the app,
    you're actually in the same session.
  12. It's all been considered
    one continuous session
  13. because it's been less than
    30 minutes of continuous use.
  14. Even though you actually stopped
    using it for ten minutes.
  15. But let's suppose now that
    you take a longer break.
  16. And you go for a much bigger ice-cream.
  17. This is going to take you longer to eat.
  18. But, again, even though you ate the
    whole ice cream, you're still hungry so
  19. you're going to go back to your app.
  20. Now, let's say you were gone from
    your app this time for 31 minutes.
  21. In this case, when you go back to
    the app, you're going to be in a new
  22. session, because the default period
    of time for a session is 30 minutes.