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  1. So the way we do this is, if we go into the Object
  2. Set Up Details Page. So just navigating to Object Set Up. There you go.
  3. >> I mean in the quick access menu.
  4. >> Yeah. We can go right there and then create the action ourselves.
  5. >> Cool.
  6. >> So if we scroll down one of these
  7. related lists is Button Links and Actions. And so that
  8. will allow us to create an action that we can
  9. drag onto the page laypout. And then access from Chatter.
  10. >> Okay. So,
  11. buttons, links, and actions. A new action, I'm guessing?
  12. >> Yup. So, there are a couple different types of
  13. actions we can make. One is creating, like, a child record.
  14. >> Mm-hm.
  15. >> Now, what's great about this if you choose this is
  16. you can, one, it'll automatically relate the child to the parent.
  17. >> Uh-huh.
  18. >> But you could also pre-define fields if you wanted to, things like that.
  19. >> Okay.
  20. >> or a couple of the other actions. Log a call, we could use some
  21. code if we wanted to put a visual force page in there. Or, update the record
  22. itself, not necessarily a child record, but update like the stage.
  23. >> So, okay, the stage but not update the child record.
  24. >> Yeah.
  25. >> But I can create a child. Create a set time.
  26. >> Yes.
  27. >> Okay. So that's what I'm going to do. Target
  28. Object will be Set Time. Label would be what?
  29. >> Let's call it Add a Set Time.
  30. >> Oh, this is just what's going to say.
  31. >> On the action, exactly. And then we don't need
  32. to choose that. If we choose something there it automatically
  33. names it for us.
  34. >> Oh, yeah.
  35. >> Yeah.
  36. >> Okay, so it's good?
  37. >> And so now this is the mini page layout,
  38. so when we have, you know, a new record import form.
  39. >> Mm-hm.
  40. >> it's going to ask us what fields from set time do you want to show up
  41. on this form when you're creating the child
  42. set time. So probably everything, I would guess.
  43. >> Oh, yeah, yeah.
  44. >> But, I mean, if you had an object
  45. that had a lot of fields, you probably would
  46. [CROSSTALK].
  47. >> You might just want to get the.
  48. >> The main fields. Exactly.
  49. >> Okay, but we don't have a lot of fields. We'll do date, status and time.
  50. >> Andy, your UX skills are impeccable.
  51. [LAUGH]
  52. >> All right, Save.
  53. >> Yep.