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"This is compassion" - Tony Parsons in Vienna 2014 interviewed by Teresa Arrieta

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The Open Secret communication points to the possibility of there being a radically different perception of reality. It investigates the nature of various spiritual traditions whilst also exposing the myths that surround the mystery to which they aspire.
It also reveals the way in which seeking for fulfilment can only reinforce the sense of continuously reaching out for something that has never been lost.
The dynamic of this communication is essentially energetic, and this can nullify the mind's need for ideas and answers and dissipate the contracted sense of the self and its fear of unconditional freedom.
The Open Secret is not new . . . and also it is. Its fundamental essence and content is to be found in the apparent history of seeking originating in Advaita Vedanta, Non-dualism, a particular Zen Buddhism and Christian mysticism. These subjects are explored in more liberally-minded schools and are certainly part of the University curriculum. This message also embraces recent discoveries of quantum physicists, neuroscientists and biologists.
Apparently . . .