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  1. Let's continue solving the system and see what happens. If I add the x terms
  2. together I get 0, if I add the y terms together I also get 0, and then 6 and 5
  3. make 11. Hm, this is weird, 0 equals 11. This can't be a true statement, we know
  4. this isn't right. So something else is going on with these 2 equations. If we
  5. remember that the solution to a system of equations is a point of intersection,
  6. then we know that this doesn't make sense. There's actually no point that works
  7. as the intersection for both of these 2 lines. If I solve each equation for y, I
  8. would wind up with these 2 equations. These parallel lines will never intersect.
  9. So whenever we connect this math to the graph, we can tell that there's no
  10. solution here. There's no ordered pair, x and y, that will make both of these
  11. equations true. And that makes sense, because there's no point of intersection.