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  1. Now, I'll run git log on my new repository to see what commits it has.
  2. I get the error message, fatal: bad default revision HEAD.
  3. Now, head is git's name for the current commit.
  4. So, this error message is letting me know that I can't view my commit history,
  5. because there aren't any commits yet.
  6. To see that this really is a git repository, I can run git status.
  7. Status is a command I like to run frequently,
  8. because it shows which files have changed since the last commit.
  9. Right now, I can see that I'm on the master branch.
  10. We'll discuss what that means later in this lesson.
  11. Now, git would ordinarily show the most recent commit.
  12. But since there isn't one, it says initial commit here.
  13. And git says that my three files are untracked,
  14. because its not tracking the history of those files yet.
  15. Now, go ahead and follow the same steps to create a repository for
  16. your reflections.
  17. Run the commands git init and
  18. git status in the directory where you've created your reflections.
  19. When you're finished, paste the output of git status into this box.