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  1. Another key point is that you don't need any
  2. extensive knowledge of biology or genetics to take this course.
  3. >> The Udacity team has worked really hard to
  4. make sure that this class is accessible for everyone.
  5. Ideally, you'll have some exposure to high school biology
  6. but event that's not necessary. Now if you need resources
  7. to help you out where you're in the course,
  8. there are two main places for you to look. The
  9. first is in the section titled Instructors' Notes. And
  10. that's where we as your instructors will post relevant information
  11. to the concepts and topics that you see in the videos. The
  12. other important section is called Discussion Forums. And this is where you
  13. and your fellow classmates can actually post links to topics, or questions
  14. that you want to talk more about. For example, there is a discussion forum
  15. on this page entitled the meaning of life. And I've put a
  16. permanent link to it in the instructor's notes on this page. Now
  17. I want you to click on that link and go see what
  18. it says because you're going to need
  19. the information to answer the following question.
  20. What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?