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  1. Hopefully, here's how you found out what
  2. gundega's name means in English. You'd go
  3. to the API's explorer and search or scroll to the translate API. You list the
  4. translate API functions, and choose language.translations.list.
  5. Enter the text to translate, which in this case is gundega and enter
  6. the target language, in this case, en. Then you press
  7. the Execute button. And here's the response from that execution. See the
  8. request, but more importantly the response. We see that the translated text, is
  9. buttercup. What a lovely name. And the detected source language is LV,
  10. which is Latvia. Let me check if that's correct. Gundega, where are you from?
  11. >> That is correct,
  12. I am indeed from Latvia