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  1. Trying to figure out how certain traits are inherited can
  2. be really difficult. Sometimes we have a trait like one
  3. of our parents or the other, and other times we
  4. may have a trait not like our parents at all.
  5. Take these three examples of families with different traits. For
  6. example, look at height in the first scenario. We have
  7. two parents who are relatively short. Will have a son
  8. that's taller than both of them. Much taller, in fact.
  9. We have a family where the parents have a daughter
  10. and a little baby. And they all share the same
  11. skin color, roughly speaking. And in this third family, we
  12. have one parent who has a disposition of being happy
  13. all the time. And the other parent has a disposition
  14. of being sad all the time. Both the daughter and
  15. the son have a disposition of being happy. What I
  16. want you to tell me, is does the indicated trait appear
  17. related to one or both of the parents at all? For
  18. example, in the case of height, I want you to compare the
  19. son to the parents. And see if it appears that in some
  20. form or fashion whether it's a combination of the parents or one
  21. of the parents sharing this trait, does the son appear related with
  22. regards to this particular trait of height. And the same thing in
  23. the scenario with skin color and the same thing with the scenario
  24. we set up for disposition. Go ahead and tell me which answer
  25. you think is best for each case.