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CSNYC - Educators' Guide to Careers in Computing


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CSNYC Educators' Guide to Careers in Computing at Google @ Chelsea Market on Sep 22 2014

As more students learn computational thinking, and how to code, build games and websites, it becomes more and more important for them to understand IRL (in real life) applications of what they see in the classroom, and the career paths available to them.

A biology teacher has pretty clear ideas of the academic extensions and career trajectories of a student interested in biology. Computer science teachers (or educators who teach computational thinking) should know the same for their students.

At this meetup, the panel is comprised of developers, academics, designers, researchers, product managers, technical founders and teachers, from various industries, tech and non-tech. Many of our panelists currently serve in the classroom as volunteers with ScriptEd ( and TEALS ( They each share insights about their jobs and industries, the culture of their workplace, and their unique stories about how they got their start in computing and the paths they took to get to where they are today.

Kent Rahman, User Experience Designer, ThoughtWorks
Baris Yuksel, Software Engineering Manager/Tech Lead, Google Ideas
Doug Rohde, Engineering Manager, Google
Omar Griffin, Jr. QA Engineer, Nomorerack
Sarah J. Lee, Assistant VP, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Jon Santiago, Co-founder, HTINK/The Makery
Sasha Laundy, Engineer, polynumeral
Yael Elmatad, Data Scientist, TAPAD
Chris Wiggins, Associate Professor, Columbia University

00:05 Eric Allata, Co-Organizer, CSNYC Meetup

02:09 Ruthe Farmer, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, NCWIT

06:03 Raquel Cardona, Associate Director, Software Engineering Education, NYC DoE

07:34 Melissa Halfon, Co-founder & CTO, VidCode

09:25 Introductions
30:48 Obstacles
40:03 Mentors
47:53 Jobs
1:02:07 Coding


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