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  1. this activity is called coating with
  2. and it's great for any its thank you
    learn but the
  3. if statements an earlier lesson turn
  4. it statement have at peace about then
    you have to evaluate
  5. to find out if it's true or false that
    the conditional
  6. and they can be used in lots of
    different ways and we take advantage of
  7. that by creating programs
  8. on paper that you run using a random
  9. have playing cards you may have an its
    statement that says something like
  10. it the card to dry is greater than 8
  11. you get a point otherwise your pony
  12. get the point you can make it as simple
    or as complicated as you feel
  13. comfortable
  14. up

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    UnPlugged Activity | Conditionals
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