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This video shows how to type a transcript in Amara's Subtitle Editor.

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  1. There are three main steps
    when creating a video's first language
  2. typing, syncing and review.
  3. In the typing step, play the video
    and type what you hear.
  4. The Tab button on your keyboard
    will play the video.
  5. and Enter will begin a new line.
  6. Do your best to capture
    what you hear and see.
  7. If you get behind, use Tab again to pause
  8. or Shift+Tab to skip back.
  9. Don't forget to type out any relevant text
    that appears on the screen
  10. or descriptions of audio,
    such as music or sound effects,
  11. so that viewers who are deaf or hard
    of hearing can enjoy the content too.
  12. Once you are done,
    hit the Yes, start syncing button
  13. to begin syncing what you've typed.