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  1. My name is Sonal,
    and I am an associate

  2. in the Corporate
    and Investment Bank.
  3. I am a part of the
    Credit Risk Team.
  4. My department undertakes
    annual reviews,
  5. monitoring clients that
    the bank has lent out to.
  6. Just to make sure that
    we, as an organization,
  7. are still comfortable
    with that lending.
  8. I have been with
    the same department
  9. for the last five years,
  10. but just because you are
    working in the same department
  11. doesn't mean you are
    doing the same role.
  12. I worked with the
    Diversified Team,
  13. the Telecom Media
    and Technology Team,
  14. and I'm leading the Real Estate
    and the Transportation Team.
  15. This is not all just luck.
  16. I had a conversation with my
    manager about how I would
  17. like more responsibilities
    to manage a team.
  18. I think you have done
    a fantastic job last time,
  19. the campus
  20. Thank you.
  21. My manager said
    that you need to be
  22. the absolute best
    at what you do.
  23. And if you do that, then we
    will make sure that you achieve
  24. what you want
    to achieve.
  25. And that's what I did.
  26. From a young age, my true
    passion has been dancing.
  27. As soon as music plays,
    my feet start tapping.
  28. I am a trained classical dancer.
  29. Every single weekend, I spend
    about three or four hours,
  30. just dancing the Bharatanatyam,
  31. which is an Indian
    classical dance.
  32. It's not to everyone's taste,
    but to me it is pure honey.
  33. I know that I am just one small
    part of the organization,
  34. and my contribution might
    be a drop in the ocean,
  35. but that drop is important.
  36. I matter.
  37. I'm an essential part
    of this organization.
  38. My managers
    convinced me of that.
  39. The people around me
    convinced me of that.
  40. The work that I do
    convinces me of that.
  41. I matter to J.P. Morgan as much
    as J.P. Morgan matters to me.