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  1. I
  2. our lesson on abstraction uses the
    familiar concept at Mad Libs where you
  3. basically insert have blank
  4. in a story that can be filled with lots
    of different where
  5. we take that idea challenge the kid to
    come up with their
  6. own words for their own story and really
  7. the concept of its actions it's all
    about functions
  8. and how you can have a function like in
    the old McDonald
  9. we have a structure for your chorus but
    something little changers
  10. so you extract out that little thing
    that changes and you can fill it in with
  11. your own word at the time
  12. group but sometimes you have three words
    that team
  13. and so you fill those in with three
    predators but still pretty helpful
  14. you can happen one function handles
  15. different problem lot of times people
    alright separate functions for all those
  16. problems
  17. not realizing there's only one little
    difference I think they could just find
  18. a way to handle that one little
  19. they could just be used one function
    over and over again instead of having
  20. flight
  21. function
  22. the
  23. the the