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  1. Let me tell you my perspective. From personal experience,
  2. data scientists today are people who have a blend
  3. of many different skills. This Venn diagram shows a
  4. definition of a data scientist that I like a lot.
  5. A data scientist is someone who knows mathematics and
  6. statistics, which allows them to identify interesting insights in
  7. a sea of data. They also have the programming
  8. skills to code up statistical models and get data from
  9. a variety of different data sources. Furthermore, a data
  10. scientist is someone who knows how to ask the right
  11. questions and translate those questions into a sound analysis.
  12. After doing the analysis, they have the communication skills to
  13. report their findings in a way that people can
  14. easily understand. In other words, data scientists have the ability
  15. to perform complicated analysis on huge data sets. Once they've
  16. done this, they also have the ability to write and
  17. make informative graphs to communicate their findings to others.