Instant Egghead Outtakes 2013

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Our Instant Egghead presenters are asked to memorize and recite short snippets of text on the spot, which we later stitch together in editing. But sometimes things go wrong: a botched word, a slipped smile or an awkward moment of amnesia. We've conveniently gathered up all of these bloopers and spliced them together for your personal entertainment.


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Episodes featured:

Can Microbes Clean Up Our Oily Mess?
Why Vaccines Are Important
Who Owns Outerspace?
Are Genes Really Selfish?
Why Is Yawning Contagious?
Who Was the First Human Ancestor?
Why Stress Is Good for You
Why Do Autumn Leaves Change Color?
Why Are Chimps Stronger Than Humans?
What Does the Universe Sound Like?
Why Are Life-Like Robots Creepy?
What Is the Maillard Reaction?
How Do Astronomers Detect Exoplanets?
Why Do We Sleep?
How Does Meditation Change the Brain?
Why Is Angry Birds So Addictive?
Can Humans Cause Earthquakes?
Why Does Orange Juice Make Toothpaste Taste Bad?
What Color Were Dinosaurs?
How Does Cloaking Work?
What Is a Field?

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