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Chinese, Traditional subtitles

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  • AnonymousUser avatarClaude Almansi commented 5 years, 7 months ago

    Hi, Hsin-yi Chiu

    I had to restore the complete version of the English subtitles that had been mistakenly rolled back to a previous incomplete and unsynced version, and then to enter the edit mode of your Chinese subtitles and do save and exit so they be marked "incomplete" too. -----

    The problem is that now, if you enter the Edit mode, you don't get the translation interface with the English text. There are two solutions: ------- 1. You use the New Beta Editor: this will show the English text, and it now works rather well. ---- 2. You restart the Chinese subtitles as translated from English after I delete them (something I can do as team admin). But before asking me to delete them, please download them just as TXT. This will make copy-pasting them in the translation interface easier.

  • AnonymousUser avatarClaude Almansi commented 5 years, 7 months ago

    Correction: I'm not admin of the Volunteer team where this video was added (I got confused because we have another version of the same video in the Music Captioning team where I am admin). So re solution 2, you would have to ask one of the admins of the Volunteer team to delete the present Chinese subtitles.