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Disney's Frozen - "Let It Go" Multi-Language Full Sequence

  • 0:28 - 0:30
    The snow glows white
  • 0:30 - 0:32
    on the mountain on mountain tonight
  • 0:32 - 0:35
    to be seen
  • 0:35 - 0:37
    A kingdom of loneliness
  • 0:37 - 0:42
    My place is here, forever
  • 0:42 - 0:45
    The wind, it howls
  • 0:45 - 0:49
    Like the storm deep in me.
  • 0:49 - 0:52
    It was too much for me
  • 0:52 - 0:56
    How I did my best.
  • 0:56 - 1:03
    Don't let them in, don't let them see, be the good girl you have always been
  • 1:03 - 1:10
    Show nothing whatever you do
  • 1:10 - 1:13
    Everything is ruined
  • 1:13 - 1:20
    I will show all of you my true self
  • 1:20 - 1:23
    I am free, I am free
  • 1:23 - 1:27
    Released without turning back.
  • 1:46 - 2:08
    From a distance, it's all small
  • 2:08 - 2:14
    I'll live freely; do my own thing
  • 2:14 - 2:17
    It's over, it's over,
  • 2:17 - 2:29
    I am on the wings of the wind
  • 2:29 - 2:35
    I am here and I will stay
  • 2:35 - 3:08
    Let the storm come
  • 3:08 - 3:11
    I will stop being
  • 3:11 - 3:16
    a captive of the past
  • 3:16 - 3:21
    Let it go, let it go, I will now rise like the sun.
  • 3:21 - 3:22
    I am here, as I have dreamed of
Disney's Frozen - "Let It Go" Multi-Language Full Sequence

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Disney's Frozen is the Golden Globe winner for Best Animated Film!

Hear "Let It Go," the Academy Award nominee for Best Original Song, in 25 different languages and see how fans in other countries have experienced Elsa unleashing her powers.

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Walt Disney Animation Studios, the studio behind "Tangled" and "Wreck-It Ralph," presents "Frozen," a stunning big-screen comedy adventure. Fearless optimist Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) sets off on an epic journey—teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) and his loyal reindeer Sven—to find her sister Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel), whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom.

The film is directed by Chris Buck ("Tarzan," "Surf's Up") and Jennifer Lee (screenwriter, "Wreck-It Ralph"), and produced by Peter Del Vecho ("Winnie the Pooh," "The Princess and the Frog"). Featuring music from Tony® winner Robert Lopez ("The Book of Mormon," "Avenue Q") and Kristen Anderson-Lopez ("In Transit").

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