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  1. The snow glows white
  2. on the mountain on mountain tonight
  3. to be seen
  4. A kingdom of loneliness
  5. My place is here, forever
  6. The wind, it howls
  7. Like the storm deep in me.
  8. It was too much for me
  9. How I did my best.
  10. Don't let them in, don't let them see, be the good girl you have always been
  11. Show nothing whatever you do
  12. Everything is ruined
  13. I will show all of you my true self
  14. I am free, I am free
  15. Released without turning back.
  16. From a distance, it's all small
  17. I'll live freely; do my own thing
  18. It's over, it's over,
  19. I am on the wings of the wind
  20. I am here and I will stay
  21. Let the storm come
  22. I will stop being
  23. a captive of the past
  24. Let it go, let it go, I will now rise like the sun.
  25. I am here, as I have dreamed of