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  1. I know we're going to
    read through it quickly,
  2. so it's not going to be like
  3. when you're sitting with an open Bible
  4. and you're reading all by yourself
  5. and you can actually stop and think.
  6. But as we go through this,
  7. try to make sense of this.
  8. Try to follow the flow of thought.
  9. Hebrews 13:7
  10. "Remember your leaders,
  11. those who spoke to you the Word of God.
  12. Consider the outcome of their way of life
  13. and imitate their faith.
  14. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,
  15. and today, and forever.
  16. Do not be led away by diverse
  17. and strange teachings,
  18. for it's good for the heart
  19. to be strengthened by grace,
  20. not by foods which have not benefitted
  21. those devoted to them.
  22. We have an altar from which those who
  23. serve the tent have no right to eat.
  24. For the bodies of those animals
  25. whose blood is brought
    into the holy places
  26. by the high priest as a sacrifice for sin
  27. are burned outside the camp.
  28. So Jesus also suffered outside the gate
  29. in order to sanctify the people
  30. through His own blood.
  31. Therefore, let us go to
    Him outside the camp
  32. and bear the reproach He endured.
  33. For here we have no lasting city,
  34. but we seek the city that is to come."
  35. Now, in my opinion,
  36. this is the most difficult portion
  37. of the entire epistle to the Hebrews
  38. as far as just figuring out how it all
  39. fits together.
  40. I mean, what's the flow of thought?
  41. How does v. 7 fit with v. 8?
  42. How does v. 8 fit with v. 9?
  43. I was checking an online
    Hebrews commentary
  44. the other day,
  45. and one of the commentators -
  46. -
  47. I recommend that to you for study
  48. in any book.
  49. It's a tremendous online resource.
  50. But I was reading that,
  51. and one of the commentators
  52. had this to say about these very verses.
  53. His name is Steven Cole.
  54. Mr. Cole says this,
  55. "I confess (I'm quoting him)
  56. that the first twenty or so times
  57. that I read our text,
  58. it seemed to me to be a disjointed
  59. random bunch of verses.
  60. I could not see any unified theme."
  61. This guy's a pastor.
  62. He's a contemporary man.
  63. He is alive today.
  64. Twenty times through
  65. it was just disjointed.
  66. But, you have to hear in that,
  67. after twenty times, he
    began to see something.
  68. But you just look at the flow here.
  69. I mean, think with me here.
  70. What do we have?
  71. V. 7: Remember your leaders.
  72. These guys are speaking the Word of God.
  73. Imitate their faith.
  74. And then, bang, you get this abrupt
  75. doctrinal expression.
  76. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,
  77. and today, and forever.
  78. And then in v. 9, you get hit with this:
  79. Diverse and strange doctrines.
  80. Don't be led away by them.
  81. Then you get this comparison,
  82. this contrast of grace over against foods.
  83. And then in v. 10,
  84. you get an altar.
  85. Those who serve the tent?
  86. In v. 11, you get this idea about
  87. outside the camp.
  88. You get these sacrifices that are burned
  89. outside the camp.
  90. V. 12: Outside the gate.
  91. V. 13: Outside the camp.
  92. In v. 14, no lasting city.
  93. I mean, you can see
  94. that we have a lot of
    different thoughts here;
  95. a lot of different ideas.
  96. Now here's one thing that I want
  97. you all to think about,
  98. we're wrapping up Hebrews.
  99. This is the last stretch
  100. before you get some closing remarks.
  101. One thing that's interesting
  102. about the end
  103. is that the author is assuming
  104. that you've read the first 12 chapters.
  105. Here's the problem.
  106. We started - I looked back at my notes -
  107. we started the first message in Hebrews
  108. a little more than three years ago.
  109. But the epistle of Hebrews was not
  110. meant to be read in three years,
  111. so that by the time you get to chapter 13,
  112. you totally don't remember
    what's going on in chapter 1.
  113. On Thursday, I sat down
  114. and I said you know what,
  115. these are difficult verses,
  116. and I feel like I need to get a feel
  117. for all of Hebrews again,
  118. so I sat down,
  119. I read Hebrews in about 32 1/2 minutes.
  120. And that's how it's meant to be.
  121. Not necessarily 32 1/2,
  122. but typically you are going to read
  123. chapter 1 and chapter 13
  124. within approximately the same hour.
  125. So you have an idea when you're reading 13
  126. what went on in 1.
  127. But when we preach
    through it at the rate
  128. we've been preaching through it,
  129. you tend to forget what's back there.
  130. And so I think we're going to need to
  131. bounce around.
  132. Your faces are going to need to be
  133. in your Bibles today.
  134. We're going to spend the whole time
  135. in the book of Hebrews,
  136. but what I want to do
    this morning is this:
  137. We can't cover all of this.
  138. There's just too many thoughts here.
  139. What I want to try to focus on
  140. is v. 7,8 and 9.
  141. Remember your leaders.
  142. Those who spoke to you the Word of God.
  143. Consider the outcome of their way of life
  144. and imitate their faith.
  145. And then it's right here where you get
  146. the real abrupt change.
  147. Because trying to figure out,
  148. well, is there anything about
  149. these leaders in teaching the Word of God
  150. and outcome of their way of life
  151. and imitating their faith
  152. that would lead us into a statement
  153. about Jesus Christ being the same
  154. yesterday, and today, and forever?
  155. I mean, where's the transition?
  156. Or should there be?
  157. Maybe when the guy who made up -
  158. this is not inspired where
    verse divisions are
  159. and where chapter divisions are.
  160. Maybe there should be
    a chapter division there.
  161. Maybe that's the end of a thought
  162. and now you get something
  163. totally new.
  164. That's possible.
  165. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,
  166. and today, and forever.
  167. And then, you get maybe not as much
  168. of an abrupt change,
  169. but do not be led away
  170. by diverse and strange doctrines.
  171. Ok, is Jesus Christ being the same
  172. yesterday, and today, and forever
  173. contrasted over against diverse
  174. and strange teachings?
  175. Perhaps.
  176. But you don't see immediately
  177. what that connection is necessarily.
  178. And then he goes on not to say
  179. because some believe that Jesus Christ
  180. is changing, and you don't want to
  181. fall into those.
  182. He actually goes on to say,
  183. it's good for the heart to be strengthened
  184. by grace, not by foods.
  185. It's like why?
  186. You're telling us Jesus Christ
  187. is the same, but then it seems like
  188. the thing that is confronting grace
  189. is food;
  190. not the idea that Jesus can change.
  191. It's good for the
    heart to be strengthened
  192. by grace, but by foods,
  193. which have not benefitted those
  194. devoted to them.
  195. Where does food come in?
  196. What's food go to do
  197. with diverse and strange teachings?
  198. And so these are the things
  199. I want to try to unpack this morning.
  200. First, let's check out v. 7.
  201. You see there at the beginning,
  202. remember your leaders.
  203. Now, if you let your eyeball sort of drift
  204. down the page to v. 17,
  205. you find the same word again.
  206. Obey your leaders
  207. and submit to them.
  208. Now, we're going to deal
    with that text later.
  209. Obviously, the leaders in the church
  210. don't have authority outside
  211. of the Word of God.
  212. Our authority has been handed us
  213. by He Who has authority over us,
  214. and that authority comes through
  215. the Word of God.
  216. It's not for us to make up our own rules
  217. as far as the church goes.
  218. Obey your leaders.
  219. And then you see this word again
  220. down in v. 24.
  221. Greet all your leaders.
  222. Now, I think that's probably
    obvious to everybody
  223. that the leaders spoken of in v. 17
  224. and those spoken of again in v. 24,
  225. they're living leaders, right?
  226. I mean, if you need to
    be submitting to them;
  227. if they're keeping watch over your souls,
  228. they're alive to do that.
  229. If you're going to greet them,
  230. they're alive.
  231. It's not walking out to their tombstone
  232. and saying something to them.
  233. These are living leaders.
  234. But, it's not so obvious that the leaders
  235. spoken of in v. 7 are living.
  236. And I think if we look at the text,
  237. we can see that.
  238. Do you see in v. 7 where it says,
  239. "outcome?"
  240. Some of your Bibles may say "the end,"
  241. or "the result."
  242. The NAS says result.
  243. The King James says the
    end of their conversation.
  244. Conversation doesn't mean
    what they speak
  245. with their mouth.
  246. It's their whole life.
  247. The ESV says, "Consider the outcome
  248. of their way of life."
  249. It's the outcome.
  250. It's the end.
  251. It's the completion of the way of life
  252. of these leader-teachers
  253. that we're called upon to consider.
  254. Now, listen to this.
  255. Thayer's Greek Lexicon -
  256. it's just a Greek dictionary -
  257. says this about this word for completion
  258. or end:
  259. Thayer says, "it is
    used of the end of life,
  260. and it's not merely just the end
  261. of their physical life,
  262. but it has that idea of the manner
  263. in which they closed their life.
  264. The manner of which they closed
  265. a well-spent life
  266. as exhibited by their spirit in dying.
  267. And you know, obviously,
  268. if we're called to imitate them,
  269. the author is assuming what
  270. about the outcome of their life?
  271. That it was good!
  272. Not that it was bad.
  273. He's not wanting us to imitate
  274. bad examples.
  275. He's calling us to imitate
    that which is good.
  276. Our author is assuming that the outcome
  277. of these guys' lives was victorious,
  278. it was successful.
  279. The idea is that they held firm
  280. to the faith until the end.
  281. Now, look, that is not a new idea
  282. in Hebrews.
  283. Right?
  284. Remember with me.
  285. Here's where I want you to do
  286. a quick survey.
  287. Go back to Hebrews 3.
  288. This is not a new idea.
  289. The idea that we should look at somebody
  290. and consider the outcome
  291. of a whole life.
  292. This idea of looking at those
  293. who made it to the end.
  294. Well, the idea of Hebrews of making it
  295. to the end - firm to the end.
  296. Holding our confidence to the end.
  297. Being one who endures
  298. all the way.
  299. One that makes it.
  300. That is a theme.
  301. Running well, but running all the way
  302. to the finish line.
  303. That is an emphasis in Hebrews
  304. that just hits us again and again.
  305. And I'm just going to
    hit on a few of these.
  306. Hebrews 3:6
  307. Christ is faithful over God's house
  308. as a Son, and we are His house
  309. if what?
  310. We are His house.
  311. A house is a place you live.
  312. We are the dwelling place of God.
  313. If what?
  314. If we hold fast our confidence
  315. and our boasting in hope.
  316. Our hope is in Him.
  317. We boast in Him.
  318. Our confidence in Him.
  319. We have to hold fast to it
  320. all the way to the end.
  321. How about Hebrews 3:14?
  322. Hebrews 3:14 says we have
    come to share in Christ.
  323. Sharing in Christ means
  324. we share in what He did.
  325. The salvation He wrought.
  326. The death He died.
  327. We share in the victory that Christ has.
  328. We share in His salvation
  329. only if what?
  330. We hold our original confidence.
  331. Just for a week?
  332. Firm to the end.
  333. That's what this book is about.
  334. Remember how it starts?
  335. That we need to pay much closer attention
  336. to the things we have heard,
  337. lest what?
  338. Lest what?
  339. Lest we drift from them.
  340. Drifting from Christ is perilous.
  341. That is the danger that
    these Hebrews were in.
  342. Drifting from Christ
  343. for anything else.
  344. That's why food shows up there.
  345. Food has to do with false religion.
  346. Food has to do with religions
  347. that are just lists of rules.
  348. What you eat; what you don't;
  349. what you celebrate;
  350. the liturgy - everything
    that's just mechanical.
  351. You do this and you don't do that.
  352. It's a set of rules.
  353. That's not what true
    religion is all about.
  354. True religion is found in Christ,
  355. and hope in Christ,
  356. and hoping in what He has done.
  357. And that's got to be firm to the end.
  358. You don't want to let go of that.
  359. And as we see,
  360. if there's ever a book
    in the New Testament
  361. that is full of warning,
  362. that if you let go of Christ,
  363. it will end most miserably.
  364. Fearful destruction.
  365. Fearful fury of God.
  366. Beware, Hebrews says.
  367. Our God is a consuming fire.
  368. God and in His hands is
    the safest place to be
  369. if you're trusting Christ,
  370. but His hands are terrible
  371. if you are outside of Christ
  372. and you put your hope in anything else.
  373. Look again at Hebrews 4:14.
  374. Since then, we have a great high priest
  375. Who has passed through the heavens.
  376. Oh, don't you love that imagery?
  377. Can you see Him?
  378. A great high priest.
  379. He is victorious!
  380. Passing through the heavens.
  381. That is a picture of Him ascending
  382. up to the right hand of Majesty on High.
  383. Can you see Him?
  384. I mean, He goes forth triumphant;
  385. scepter in hand to sit down,
  386. after having made purification for sins,
  387. at the right hand of the Majesty on High.
  388. That's the picture.
  389. Passing through the heavens.
  390. He's ascending to take His throne.
  391. He's victorious.
  392. He has conquered sin.
  393. He has conquered death.
  394. But here's the thing,
  395. we have a great high priest
  396. Who has passed through the heavens -
  397. Jesus, the Son of God.
  398. Because that's true,
  399. let us hold fast our confession.
  400. There it is again.
  401. Hold fast. Hold fast. Hold fast.
  402. How about turn over to Hebrews 6:11?
  403. Hebrews 6:11 - you jump in right there.
  404. "Show the same earnestness
  405. to have the full assurance of hope
  406. until the end."
  407. There you have it again.
  408. Until the end.
  409. Before in Hebrews 3:14,
  410. firm to the end.
  411. You have this "hold fast our confidence."
  412. Hold our original confidence
  413. firm to the end.
  414. Let us hold fast our confession.
  415. We are to have the same earnestness,
  416. to have the full assurance of hope
  417. until the end.
  418. How about Hebrews 10:23?
  419. Again, you get this idea again
  420. about holding, holding, holding fast;
  421. let us hold fast.
  422. Hebrews 10:23, Let us hold fast
  423. the confession of our hope
  424. without wavering;
  425. for He Who promised is faithful.
  426. I'll give you one more.
  427. Hebrews 12:1
  428. Right there towards the end of the verse.
  429. "Let us run with endurance
  430. the race that is set before us."
  431. Here the word is endurance.
  432. But that's the same thing:
  433. hold fast, keep enduring,
  434. keep going.
  435. So when it comes to those
  436. who taught us the Word -
  437. here's what the author
    of Hebrews is doing.
  438. He's saying those who taught us
  439. the Word of God -
  440. think about what the Word of God is.
  441. The Word of God is the Gospel.
  442. This is the message that
    Christ is set forth in.
  443. The very message of Christ.
  444. The message that we are to continue
  445. holding on to by faith
  446. until the end.
  447. We ask ourselves,
  448. how did those who taught us run?
  449. Did they hold fast?
  450. Did they continue themselves?
  451. Convinced of what they taught?
  452. Did they hold their original
    confidence firm to the end?
  453. You see, this is a picture of those
  454. who have gone before us.
  455. Now, we're a young church.
  456. You guys don't have elders who
  457. aren't here anymore.
  458. But there are people -
  459. you sit under the teaching of Spurgeon,
  460. many of you.
  461. Yeah, he died over a hundred years ago,
  462. but you sat under him.
  463. Read his autobiography.
  464. Read what was said about him.
  465. Read how he died.
  466. I just this morning and yesterday,
  467. I pulled up that message.
  468. It wasn't long ago when Bob Jennings
  469. stood right here and gave the last message
  470. to our church that he would ever give.
  471. And I went back and I listened
  472. to his preaching.
  473. You know what the problem is with those
  474. who are living?
  475. What's the problem with
    those who are living?
  476. They haven't made it all
    the way to the end yet.
  477. You don't know if they're
    going to fall out.
  478. David mentioned Bill Gothard.
  479. How about Doug Phillips?
  480. I mean, we see guys fall out of the race.
  481. We see guys fall into sin.
  482. We see guys that don't make it to the end
  483. all the time.
  484. And sometimes they have big names.
  485. Sometimes they're at the high end
  486. of circles where you think
    the doctrine is good
  487. and it looks orthodox.
  488. And these guys make shipwreck.
  489. It happens.
  490. You know what?
  491. There are lots of things you can imitate
  492. in those who are living.
  493. But there's something that those
  494. who made it successfully to the end
  495. have that the living don't have.
  496. They have a testimony all
    the way to the end.
  497. They made it.
  498. They did well.
  499. They got through.
  500. The thing about men like Bob Jennings,
  501. they shined right to the end.
  502. Was he perfect? No.
  503. But his hope was in Christ.
  504. I pulled up that message.
  505. As he was closing the message,
  506. do you know what Bob was saying?
  507. This was just two months before he died.
  508. He says, "I'm going to
    keep on with Christ.
  509. I'm going to stay away from sin.
  510. I'm going to abhor the world.
  511. I'm going to live for Christ
  512. and for eternity.
  513. I'm putting my eggs in one basket.
  514. I want to do all for Him.
  515. I want to finish well.
  516. Blessed are the dead
    who die in the Lord.
  517. That's it. That's the ultimate."
  518. Here's a man. He's at the end.
  519. He's run his race.
  520. And that's his testimony.
  521. He believed what he
    taught all those years.
  522. And that's what we're
    being told to imitate.
  523. Now, here's the thing that we need
  524. to understand about making it to the end;
  525. persevering; keeping on in the race.
  526. The perseverance itself
    is not what saves us.
  527. It's not like we're being told
  528. persevere because persevering saves you.
  529. Jesus said that if you make it to the end;
  530. you persevere to the end;
  531. you keep going to the end,
  532. you'll be saved.
  533. But the merit in our salvation
  534. is never in the perseverance.
  535. It's never there.
  536. The warrant for our salvation
  537. is found in Christ alone.
  538. The perseverance doesn't
    earn salvation for us.
  539. It doesn't earn forgiveness for our sins.
  540. Christ alone saves.
  541. But listen,
  542. those He saves,
  543. He saves well.
  544. And He pours His grace
  545. that their faith might
    maintain to the end.
  546. The proof that you have truly been saved
  547. by this God Who saves well
  548. is that you make it to the end.
  549. The fact is that if you fall out,
  550. you're showing that your salvation
  551. is not of God's making.
  552. It's something of man's making.
  553. It's some religion that you've dreamt up.
  554. God puts power in His people
  555. that their faith might make it to the end.
  556. He saves people.
  557. And you know what?
  558. Perseverance proves that
    the saving power of God
  559. is behind a person's being a Christian
  560. so that they finish well.
  561. That's the question.
  562. That's the question on the table.
  563. The one who endures to
    the end will be saved.
  564. And look, this isn't the first time
  565. this idea of imitating those -
  566. just jump back to Hebrews 6 very quickly.
  567. V. 11 - you see this sort of language
  568. found there as well.
  569. This idea about imitating.
  570. Hebrews 6:11
  571. "We desire each one of you
  572. to show the same earnestness,
  573. to have the same assurance
    of hope until the end."
  574. Now, I know we just looked
    at that a few moments ago,
  575. but keep reading.
  576. We need to have full assurance
  577. of hope until the end,
  578. so that you may not be sluggish,
  579. but imitators of those who
  580. through faith and patience
  581. inherit the promises.
  582. So here's that idea again.
  583. Imitate. You have faith.
  584. Until the end.
  585. That's the idea.
  586. Until the end.
  587. Imitiate those who through faith
  588. gain the fulfillment of the promises.
  589. They make it.
  590. So that's the idea there in 13:7.
  591. Now, let's transition.
  592. Go back to chapter 13.
  593. Look at v. 8.
  594. This just seems abrupt.
  595. Now look, I don't think -
  596. you tell me.
  597. If I was talking to you and I told you
  598. that you were to imitate
  599. the outcome of the life.
  600. You were to look and study and remember
  601. the outcome of men's life
  602. and imitate their faith -
  603. men who made it to the end.
  604. For me to go right in
    to what that faith is,
  605. wouldn't be unusual.
  606. There'd be a connection.
  607. There'd be a flow there.
  608. Because faith isn't just
    some obscure thing.
  609. Faith is my eyes set on Jesus Christ
  610. and my full hope is set right there.
  611. So to have something about the object
  612. of our faith to follow immediately after
  613. is not strange.
  614. To me, what's strange about it
  615. is not that something
    is said about Christ.
  616. It's what is said about Christ.
  617. Christ is the same
  618. yesterday and today and forever.
  619. How does that fit?
  620. What does the sameness of Christ
  621. have to do with what he just said?
  622. Perhaps these guys have died;
  623. these leaders, these guys that have
  624. taught you the Word of God,
  625. they've died. Jesus doesn't die.
  626. Perhaps that's the connection.
  627. Let's look at it.
  628. As far as flow goes,
  629. if you look at the next verse - v. 9,
  630. it starts out with not being led away
  631. by diverse and strange teachings.
  632. It doesn't seem strange to me either
  633. that you would get the author
  634. giving us that which is not strange,
  635. and then constrasting it
  636. with that which is.
  637. But again, what's unusual to me
  638. is what is said about Christ.
  639. Jesus Christ is the same
  640. yesterday and today and forever.
  641. I mean think about this.
  642. The author is really wanting
  643. to encourage us to hold fast to Christ
  644. the way that our teachers
    held fast to Christ.
  645. But how does this
    statement help us do that?
  646. I mean, when you hear that,
  647. does that really...
  648. Oh yeah, that makes me
  649. really want to trust Him more!
  650. He's the same.
  651. How does knowing that Christ is the same
  652. help me not be led away
  653. by diverse and strange teachings?
  654. I mean, think about this,
  655. was there a prevalent error?
  656. Anywhere in the New Testament,
  657. do you come across a prevalent error
  658. in that day in the early church
  659. that said that Jesus Christ changes?
  660. I mean how does that statement help us?
  661. Where is that statement coming from?
  662. Jesus Christ is the same.
  663. Well, the same as what?
  664. What is He the same as?
  665. I mean, clear, the text tells us
  666. He's the same today as He was yesterday,
  667. and He's the same yesterday
  668. as He is today,
  669. and that the way He was yesterday
  670. and the way He is today
  671. is the way He's going to be
  672. through all the ages.
  673. It literally reads:
  674. Jesus Christ yesterday and today the same
  675. and through the ages.
  676. That's literally how it reads.
  677. But how is it applicable
  678. to imitating the faith of our teachers?
  679. How is it applicable to not being
  680. led away by diverse and strange teachings?
  681. Do we know of any error
  682. that said that Jesus Christ changes?
  683. When we're told that Jesus Christ
  684. is the same - the same as what?
  685. I know He's the same
  686. yesterday, today, and forever,
  687. but what does the sameness apply to?
  688. Sameness.
  689. (Incomplete thought)
  690. In an of itself, if you think about it,
  691. if you tell me that something is the same,
  692. it isn't necessarily good news to me.
  693. I mean, you think about it.
  694. The devil was the devil yesterday.
  695. And the devil is the devil today.
  696. And the devil is going to
    be the devil forever.
  697. Just because there's an aspect
  698. about somebody that doesn't change,
  699. doesn't necessarily make
    it good news to us.
  700. What is it in this book of Hebrews
  701. that is really prompting the author
  702. to want to go here as he's
  703. shutting down this letter?
  704. And you know what the thing is?
  705. I can actually think of ways
  706. that Jesus Christ has changed.
  707. I mean, let's be honest about it.
  708. Yes, if we're talking about His deity,
  709. He doesn't change.
  710. He's the eternal Word of God.
  711. In the beginning, He was with God.
  712. In the beginning, He was God.
  713. That's how He was in the beginning.
  714. We know that as God,
  715. He has equality with the Father.
  716. We know that as divine,
  717. He doesn't change.
  718. But the truth is,
  719. there are a lot of things
    about Jesus that do change.
  720. Right?
  721. The Word became flesh.
  722. Think about that word "became."
  723. He became something
  724. that He wasn't before.
  725. That's what became means.
  726. He became flesh.
  727. He took on Himself
  728. the likeness of sinful flesh.
  729. He didn't have that before.
  730. I mean, that's one of the things
  731. in Hebrews that we find out about Christ
  732. is that for Him to become
  733. the perfect high priest,
  734. He had to become like His brethren
  735. in every respect.
  736. He had to become something
  737. He wasn't before,
  738. in order to become that
    perfect high priest.
  739. There was a time before which
  740. He rose from the dead.
  741. There was a time before which
  742. He made atonement for sin.
  743. There was a time before which
  744. He ascended to His Father.
  745. You see, there is a work Christ did
  746. that at one time wasn't done.
  747. A change took place
  748. in that it was accomplished.
  749. He became man when He was not man.
  750. He took upon Himself humanity
  751. and He will be humanity forever more.
  752. You understand this.
  753. His nature as man at one time
  754. did not exist.
  755. Now, I know in the mind of God,
  756. God might count certain things
  757. true about Him before they happened,
  758. but the truth is, in time,
  759. many things happened.
  760. And one of them is
  761. He took upon Himself
  762. the nature of mankind.
  763. That's a change.
  764. I mean, we're not being honest
  765. with ourselves if we say it isn't.
  766. It is.
  767. And Scripture everywhere tells us
  768. He became something He wasn't before.
  769. He became...
  770. The Word became flesh.
  771. I'm just wanting to be
    honest with Scripture.
  772. These are questions we have.
  773. When we come across:
  774. Jesus Christ is the same
  775. yesterday, today, and forever,
  776. we need to be thinking about
  777. what this really means.
  778. Well, let me tell you what
    I believe this means.
  779. I think this has everything to do
  780. with what he's been talking about
  781. in the book of Hebrews.
  782. I'll tell you this right off.
  783. When it says the same yesterday,
  784. today and forever,
  785. a lot of people like to reach in
  786. and pull it out.
  787. They give you no context in Hebrews.
  788. They just pull it out.
  789. And they typically apply it to His deity.
  790. And I don't believe that's right.
  791. I don't believe that yesterday
  792. means eternity past.
  793. I don't believe that.
  794. Because I don't believe that's a message
  795. we've been getting in Hebrews,
  796. and I want to show you this.
  797. Listen.
  798. Hebrews is all about what changes
  799. and what does not change.
  800. And I want to show you this.
  801. Go back to chapter 7.
  802. I think you'll get a feel for this.
  803. If you want to interpret Scripture,
  804. we interpret Scripture with Scripture.
  805. And if you want to interpret Scripture,
  806. the best way to interpret it
  807. is to look at the same author
  808. in other places
  809. and preferably in the same book.
  810. Listen, Hebrews is a package.
  811. Hebrews has a message.
  812. Hebrews flows.
  813. The author starts somewhere
  814. and he's going somewhere.
  815. It's not just disjointed.
  816. It's not just random.
  817. There is a cohesiveness about Hebrews.
  818. And so when we get to
    a statement like this
  819. at the end of a book,
  820. you really want to go back and look
  821. throughout the book to see
  822. is there anything that leads us
  823. to be able to determine and define,
  824. to discern where this is coming from.
  825. So if you go back to Hebrews 7.
  826. Look at this.
  827. V. 11
  828. I'm going to tell you,
  829. I don't believe this statement
    has to do with Christ's deity.
  830. I believe it has to do
  831. with His priesthood,
  832. and with His sacrifice,
  833. and what was accomplished by it.
  834. The high priestly capacity
  835. of our Lord Jesus Christ
  836. is certainly a prominent message
  837. throughout Hebrews.
  838. Here we are right in the heart of it.
  839. But, watch this, Hebrews 7:11.
  840. "Now, if perfection had been attainable
  841. through the Levitical priesthood..."
  842. Now think about that.
  843. The Levitical priesthood
    was the priesthood
  844. you found in the Old Testament.
  845. Was perfection available through it?
  846. Was anybody perfected
    through that priesthood?
  847. No.
  848. And because of it,
  849. it was changeable.
  850. It needed to be replaced.
  851. It changed.
  852. "For under it, the people
    received the law."
  853. The whole idea here
  854. is if under that priesthood
  855. people would have been made perfect,
  856. what further need would there have been
  857. for another priest - that's Christ -
  858. to arise after the order of Melchizedek?
  859. Who's Melchizedek?
  860. Well, he's this really mystical,
  861. strange guy that shows up,
  862. just fleeting.
  863. Has this run-in with Abraham.
  864. But the thing about him
  865. that our author of Hebrews is gleaning
  866. is you never even know
    where he comes from.
  867. And he comes and he goes.
  868. And there's no indication of genealogy.
  869. There's no indication of
    who he's related to.
  870. There's no indication that he ever died.
  871. And the author of
    Hebrews picks up on that.
  872. In fact, God brought him
  873. into the biblical record,
  874. and took him out on purpose,
  875. so that later he could say
  876. about His own Son:
  877. You are a priest forever.
  878. Forever!
  879. Not after the order of Levi,
  880. but after the order of Melchizedek.
  881. And what was it about Melchizedek?
  882. There's no record of a death.
  883. He lives forever.
  884. And that's where he's headed here.
  885. "What further need would there have
    been for another priest to arise
  886. after the order of Melchizedek,
  887. rather than one named after
  888. the order of Aaron?"
  889. And by the way, Aaron and Levi -
  890. they're the same family.
  891. Aaron was the high priest.
  892. The Levites were the underling priests.
  893. They were priests - they
    were not the high priest.
  894. They could not enter the holy of holies.
  895. Now watch this,
  896. "when there is a change..."
  897. now think with me there.
  898. Jesus Christ is the same.
  899. Here there is a change.
  900. We don't have time to do this,
  901. but if you meticulously
    walk through Hebrews
  902. and look for every place
  903. where change over against
  904. what's being said about Christ.
  905. He doesn't change.
  906. His ministry is permanent.
  907. His sacrifice is once for all.
  908. His priesthood is forever.
  909. But there's a change.
  910. "Where there is a
    change in the priesthood,
  911. there is necessarily a change in the law."
  912. And you remember,
  913. there was a change in the old covenant.
  914. It was weak.
  915. It was imperfect.
  916. It's replaced.
  917. But what's the New Testament called
  918. in Hebrews 13?
  919. We haven't gotten to it yet,
  920. but what's it called?
  921. It's an eternal covenant.
  922. You find in Hebrews eternal salvation,
  923. eternal redemption.
  924. But here, you see things being replaced.
  925. "For the one of whom
    these things are spoken,
  926. (Christ)
  927. belong to another tribe
  928. from which no one
    ever served at the altar.
  929. Not under Moses.
  930. They were all from the Levitical line.
  931. Never from the line of Judah.
  932. "For it is evident that our Lord
  933. was descended from Judah,
  934. and in connection with that tribe,
  935. Moses said nothing about priests."
  936. In other words,
  937. Jesus Christ does not have
  938. His authority to be a priest
  939. coming from Moses.
  940. It came directly from God Himself
  941. Who pronounced Him a priest
  942. after the order of Melchizedek.
  943. And we'll see that.
  944. V. 15 "This becomes even more evident
  945. when another priest arises
  946. in the likeness of Melchizedek."
  947. And what was Melchizedek like?
  948. Well, we see it earlier in Hebrews 7.
  949. No genealogy.
  950. No death.
  951. V. 16 "Who has become a priest,
  952. not on the basis of a legal requirement
  953. concerning bodily descent."
  954. He's not a priest because He
    was descended from Levi.
  955. "But by the power of
    an indestructible life."
  956. Do you see that?
  957. The other priesthood changes.
  958. It's law changes.
  959. It's covenant changes.
  960. But here, it doesn't change.
  961. Why? Because it's built
  962. on an indestructible life.
  963. Was the old priesthood built
  964. on an indestructible life?
  965. No.
  966. They died all the time.
  967. You'll see that.
  968. V. 17 "For it's witnessed of Him,
  969. 'You're a priest forever.'"
  970. When you think of Jesus Christ
  971. the same yesterday,
    and today, and forever,
  972. think here.
  973. He is a priest forever
  974. after the order of Melichizedek.
  975. "For on the one hand,
  976. a former commandment is set aside."
  977. Again, change.
  978. That which was former is set aside.
  979. "Because of its weakness and uselessness.
  980. For the law made nothing perfect.
  981. But on the other hand,
  982. a better hope."
  983. Wow.
  984. Why is it better?
  985. Because it's based on
    an indestructible life.
  986. Because it's forever.
    He doesn't change.
  987. He's the same.
  988. When it says yesterday,
  989. I believe what he means
  990. is not necessarily looking
    into eternity past.
  991. I think he means yesterday
  992. in the days that those who have gone
  993. before us that taught you the Word of God;
  994. the One they put their trust in.
  995. They put their trust in Christ
  996. and yesterday that was
    good enough for them,
  997. and today, He is no different.
  998. And right out into eternity,
  999. He is going to be the same.
  1000. Because His priesthood is indestructible.
  1001. But remember, His priesthood
  1002. was not from eternity past.
  1003. His priesthood is based on the fact
  1004. that He had to become like His brethren
  1005. in every respect - and He had to suffer -
  1006. in order to be this merciful
  1007. and faithful high priest.
  1008. He had to become like us in every respect.
  1009. And He had to suffer like us.
  1010. That's what the teaching of Hebrews says.
  1011. Go back to the text.
  1012. V. 19 Again, "(for the law
  1013. made nothing perfect,)
  1014. but on the other hand
  1015. a better hope."
  1016. Oh, brethren, have you ever
  1017. thought about Hebrews here too?
  1018. Christ is better than the prophets.
  1019. Christ is superior to the angels.
  1020. Christ is beyond His companions.
  1021. Christ is worthy of more glory than Moses.
  1022. He's greater than Levi.
  1023. He's greater than Aaron.
  1024. His altar is greater
  1025. than the one that those guys eat from.
  1026. His blood is greater - it's superior
  1027. to the blood of Abel.
  1028. It's a greater sacrifice.
  1029. It's a greater covenant.
  1030. Is He not the guarantor
    of a better covenant?
  1031. It's built on better promises.
  1032. He has a ministry that's better.
  1033. All throughout this book:
  1034. better, better, better.
  1035. Here it is: a better hope.
  1036. Why?
  1037. Why is it a better hope?
  1038. Because it's based on
    an indestructible life.
  1039. And you'll see it.
  1040. "Through which we draw near to God.
  1041. And it was not without an oath."
  1042. God made an oath.
  1043. "For those who formerly became priests
  1044. were made such without an oath."
  1045. They were made priests according to
  1046. bodily descent.
  1047. They were descended from Levi.
  1048. Not with an oath.
  1049. But this one was made
    a priest with an oath,
  1050. by the One, His Father,
  1051. Who said to Him,
  1052. 'The Lord has sworn and
    will not change His mind.
  1053. You are a priest forever.'
  1054. This makes Jesus the gaurantor
  1055. of a better covenant.
  1056. The former priests were many in number.
  1057. Here's the thing,
  1058. their's was changeable.
  1059. Why?
  1060. Because those high priests
    were many in number.
  1061. Why? Because they were
  1062. prevented by death.
  1063. There's change again.
  1064. They came. They went.
  1065. There was a high priest.
  1066. Yeah, but he was only
    going to live so long
  1067. and then he died.
  1068. He was prevented from
    continuing in office.
  1069. But, He (Christ) holds His
    priesthood permanently.
  1070. Because He continues forever.
  1071. You see, here is the sameness of Hebrews.
  1072. Here is that upon which
  1073. the author of Hebrews wants our minds
  1074. locked in.
  1075. Can you imagine?
  1076. Remember when the Hebrews lived.
  1077. They're living at a time
  1078. when the Passover's going away.
  1079. They're living at a time when
  1080. the Day of Atonement is going away.
  1081. They're living at a time
  1082. when the temple is going to go away.
  1083. All the Old Testament system -
  1084. they're living at a time
  1085. when there's all this change,
  1086. change, change...
  1087. Well, how do we know
    if that's all changing?
  1088. The Jews put their confidence
  1089. in that Old Testament system.
  1090. And now, you're telling us
  1091. it's going away?
  1092. I mean, what if this thing with Christ
  1093. is going away?
  1094. We put our trust there that one day
  1095. and our forefathers did?
  1096. And you're telling us it's gone?
  1097. You're telling us it's obsolete?
  1098. You're telling us that it's incomplete?
  1099. You're telling us that there's
    some weakness about it?
  1100. Something isn't good?
  1101. It's useless?
  1102. You're telling us that?
  1103. Well, what makes us think
  1104. that this priesthood of
    Christ is any better?
  1105. Because you yourselves know
  1106. that that Levitcal priesthood -
  1107. they couldn't continue in office
    because they were dying all the time.
  1108. And if you remember your Bibles,
  1109. you know about who Melchizedek was.
  1110. And he didn't have an end of days.
  1111. And you know that the psalm says
  1112. that God swore to His Son,
  1113. to the Messiah,
  1114. that He was going to be a priest.
  1115. What do we need a priest for?
  1116. One Who is going to bring an offering
  1117. to His Father on our behalf.
  1118. That offering was one sacrifice.
  1119. He is the priest
  1120. and He is the Lamb.
  1121. He is in His own hands.
  1122. He offers Himself on that cross.
  1123. Once for all.
  1124. And the thing about the permanence here
  1125. is it's done.
  1126. It's complete.
  1127. Who He is - victorious,
  1128. passing through the heavens
  1129. to the right hand of the Father,
  1130. triumphant.
  1131. It's done.
  1132. And He doesn't change.
  1133. This priesthood is solid.
  1134. It's indestructible.
  1135. It's there.
  1136. And watch.
  1137. You'll see where he's going with this.
  1138. You are a priest forever.
  1139. V. 22
  1140. This makes Jesus the guarantor
  1141. of a better covenant.
  1142. Why? Because it's sealed in His blood
  1143. and it's never going to change.
  1144. The former priests, many in number,
  1145. they were prevented by death
  1146. from continuing in office.
  1147. He holds His priesthood permanently.
  1148. Because He continues forever.
  1149. Consquently, here's why it is so glorious.
  1150. Look, if you were reading this book
  1151. straight through,
  1152. you would have read this fifteen minutes
  1153. before you got to chapter 13.
  1154. This is what he wants our faith
  1155. to lock into:
  1156. The sameness of Christ.
  1157. Consequently, He is able to save.
  1158. Why?
  1159. Consequently. Consequent on what?
  1160. That He is a priest forever.
  1161. Because He is a priest forever.
  1162. And because His priesthood is permanent.
  1163. And because it continues forever.
  1164. And it's based on this:
  1165. Consequently, He is able
    to save to the uttermost.
  1166. You see, whatever the
    Old Testament priests did,
  1167. they couldn't save you to the uttermost
  1168. because their time came to an end.
  1169. Whatever they could do, it ran out.
  1170. But "He is able to save to the uttermost
  1171. those who draw near to God through Him
  1172. since..."
  1173. This is so important.
  1174. I don't think we grasp this.
  1175. "Since He always lives
    to make intercession."
  1176. This is why.
  1177. This is why it's so important
    that He doesn't change.
  1178. You know why?
  1179. If He once sets His love on you...
  1180. Remember what happened right before this?
  1181. In Hebrews 13?
  1182. "I will never leave you or forsake you."
  1183. Therefore, we can confidently say,
  1184. "the Lord is my helper."
  1185. You see, once He sets His love on you,
  1186. it's rock solid.
  1187. It's permanent.
  1188. It doesn't change.
  1189. The basis of His
    priesthood - it's forever.
  1190. And because priests intercede
  1191. and He doesn't ever die,
  1192. He lives to make intercession for them.
  1193. "For it was indeed fitting
  1194. that we should have such a high priest -
  1195. holy, innocent, unstained,
  1196. separated from sinners,
  1197. exalted above the heavens."
  1198. He has no need like those high priests
  1199. of old under Moses
  1200. to offer sacrifices daily.
  1201. He doesn't have to come back and do it.
  1202. We don't need an offering over and over.
  1203. We do not need to offer Christ up
  1204. over and over and over and over.
  1205. We don't have to.
  1206. He's been offered once.
  1207. But you see,
  1208. we observe the Lord's Supper, right?
  1209. But Jesus said, "do this
    in remembrance of Me."
  1210. We remember His death.
  1211. But in many religious circles,
  1212. it is believed that the bread
  1213. actually become His flesh
  1214. and the wine actually becomes His blood,
  1215. and He's offered afresh again.
  1216. And you know why that's
    necessary oftentimes
  1217. in the mindset,
  1218. is because salvation is not complete
  1219. and resting on Christ.
  1220. More needs to be done.
  1221. More needs to be done.
  1222. And it comes back to the whole food thing
  1223. that gets compared to grace in 13:9.
  1224. Why the thing about food?
  1225. Well, because we have
    to keep doing things.
  1226. There's always something incomplete.
  1227. We have this sin and
    we just have this sense
  1228. that we have to keep doing something.
  1229. We have to keep doing something.
    More and more and more is needed.
  1230. Why? Because we're never
    sure if it's just right.
  1231. We're never sure if
    enough has been done.
  1232. They were never certain
    under that old covenant system.
  1233. Why?
  1234. Because they kept having to
    bring these, having to bring these.
  1235. When you get to Hebrews 10,
  1236. he says the very proof that
  1237. it didn't accomplish anything
  1238. was the fact that it
    had to be brought
  1239. again and again and again...
  1240. because if an offering was ever made
  1241. that truly washed away sin,
  1242. it would never have to be made again.
  1243. And that's why with Christ, it's done.
  1244. It's done.
  1245. (Incomplete thought)
  1246. What we have to do,
  1247. is all the way to the end,
  1248. we just hold on to Him.
  1249. Firm to the end.
  1250. We hold on to Him.
  1251. Why? Because all the merit is there.
  1252. He shed His blood.
    He lived His life.
  1253. He is that high priest.
  1254. Not just a priest - He's a King.
  1255. He is the Priest-King.
  1256. He came from the lineage of David.
  1257. Melchizedek was a king and a priest.
  1258. And He is of the order of Melchizedek.
  1259. And He sits there triumphant.
  1260. He made purification.
  1261. Did you hear that?
  1262. In Hebrews 1, He made -
  1263. having made purification for sins.
  1264. He sat down.
  1265. The priests in the Old Testament
  1266. never were allowed to sit down
  1267. while they were at work.
  1268. They had no chairs in the temple.
  1269. They had no chairs in the tent.
  1270. They had no chairs in the tabernacle.
  1271. Why?
  1272. Because their work was never done.
  1273. But what the author of Hebrews says
  1274. is Christ offered Himself and sat down.
  1275. Done.
  1276. It's finished.
  1277. The work is complete.
  1278. And it doesn't change.
  1279. He is forevermore the same.
  1280. The victorious Priest-King.
  1281. His work is done.
  1282. But you can see the
    changes with everything else.
  1283. The old priesthood - it just changes.
  1284. Everything changes.
  1285. Even at the beginning of this book,
  1286. it's like the heaven and the earth
  1287. are going to change.
  1288. They're going to be rolled up.
  1289. But You - You don't change.
  1290. There's so much change.
  1291. Change throughout this book.
  1292. Their leaders in 13:7 - there was change.
  1293. They used to preach to us
    and they're gone now.
  1294. Bob stood in this pulpit before,
  1295. and he's gone now.
  1296. Men come and they go
  1297. and circumstances change.
  1298. But what we have is
    this rock solid confidence.
  1299. "I will never leave you or forsake you."
  1300. It's unchangeable.
  1301. We have a priest Who has a priesthood
  1302. and He always lives
  1303. to make intercession for them.
  1304. And it goes on to say,
  1305. v. 28 "The law appoints men
  1306. in their weakness as high priest,
  1307. but the word of the oath
  1308. which came later than the law
  1309. appoints a Son Who has been made perfect
  1310. forever.
  1311. Forever.
  1312. What this is saying
  1313. is He is the same, perfect Savior
  1314. yesterday,
  1315. and He is the same perfect Savior today,
  1316. and He will be forevermore.
  1317. And I know that before He actually came
  1318. and poured out His blood
  1319. and poured out His life,
  1320. God looked forward
  1321. and applied that work backward
  1322. to men like Samuel and Moses
  1323. and Abel. I know that.
  1324. But Jesus Christ had to come
  1325. and be made like His brethren in time
  1326. to become this perfect high priest
  1327. that He might be superior -
  1328. Oh, His covenant is superior.
  1329. His covenant.
  1330. What a glorious better covenant it is!
  1331. Why? Because it's not
    based on performance.
  1332. It's not based on whether I eat the bread
  1333. or don't eat the bread.
  1334. It's not based on what festivals I observe
  1335. or holy days I observe.
  1336. It's not based on that.
  1337. It's based on the merits;
  1338. it's based on Him.
  1339. It's superior.
  1340. You know that old covenant
  1341. said if you do this,
  1342. then I will treat you accordingly.
  1343. If you do good, I will treat you well.
  1344. If you do bad, I will treat you bad.
  1345. That's the old covenant.
  1346. You know how much of the world
    lives on the old covenant still today?
  1347. That covenant is death.
  1348. You know why?
  1349. Because none of us has kept it perfectly
  1350. and that's what that covenant demanded.
  1351. If you don't keep everything written
    in the book of the law and do it,
  1352. you are under a curse.
  1353. And yet, people come along and they say,
  1354. oh, well, I'm trying, I'm trying,
    I'm trying to be good.
  1355. Yeah, but that law said,
  1356. do me and live; break me and die.
  1357. The wage of sin is death.
  1358. That doesn't mean ten.
  1359. It's like Ray Comfort says.
  1360. It's not like you tell a hundred lies
  1361. and a bell goes off.
  1362. Bing!
  1363. One sin and Adam and Eve fell.
  1364. One sin destroyed mankind.
  1365. One sin will put you in hell.
  1366. One unforgiven sin.
  1367. Jesus Christ came with a superior covenant
  1368. that's guaranteed by His blood.
  1369. And you see, it's a promise not made
  1370. between us and God;
  1371. it's a promise made
  1372. between the Father and the Son.
  1373. Where the Son says I will die for them.
  1374. I will pour out my blood
  1375. to unleash the power of the Spirit of God
  1376. into their life and to
    allow them to be forgiven
  1377. for the sins that they've committed
  1378. against God.
  1379. And Christ says, I will come.
  1380. I will be their sin-bearer.
  1381. I will be their priest.
  1382. I will be their sacrifice.
  1383. I will purchase for them redemption.
  1384. I will purchase eternal life.
  1385. I will be crushed under the wrath of God.
  1386. I will drink the cup of punishment
  1387. that they deserve to drink.
  1388. I will take it on Myself.
  1389. And I will come under the law.
  1390. And I will keep that law in their place
  1391. so that they can be blameless
  1392. when their sin is charged to Me
  1393. and I suffer under it
  1394. and My righteous law-keeping
  1395. is given to them,
  1396. so that they might be counted righteous
  1397. in the courtroom of God.
  1398. That's what happened.
  1399. And Jesus said, I will give Myself.
  1400. A body You have prepared for Me.
  1401. And I need to become a man.
  1402. And though I am equal with God,
  1403. I count it not robbery at all
  1404. being counted equal with Him,
  1405. but He set His glory aside
  1406. and He came down
  1407. and He came down as a servant
  1408. and down as a man,
  1409. and He poured out His life
  1410. all the way to that obedience to the cross
  1411. and God crushed Him there.
  1412. And thereby He is a high priest now
  1413. that has done a work.
  1414. And we rest.
  1415. And we can rest.
  1416. Because this covenant says
  1417. that by faith in Him -
  1418. just Lord,
  1419. I trust that You have kept the law for me.
  1420. And You have paid what my sins deserve.
  1421. And I trust that You
    will give me Your Spirit;
  1422. You will transform me;
  1423. You will give me a new heart.
  1424. My trust is all in Him
  1425. and what His blood has done.
  1426. And you see, I can rest on that.
  1427. And that's where this is coming from.
  1428. And I'll tell you this,
  1429. when our author moves into v. 9,
  1430. and he says you don't be taken away;
  1431. you don't be carried away.
  1432. You remember back in the
    beginning of this verse,
  1433. we need to pay much closer attention
  1434. to these things, lest we drift.
  1435. You know why people drift?
  1436. Because other things attract them.
  1437. This whole book is about
    the glory of Christ.
  1438. You know why people walk away?
  1439. They stop seeing Christ as beautiful.
  1440. They stop seeing Him as precious.
  1441. They see the Spurs are better;
  1442. my money's better;
  1443. the world's better; food is better.
  1444. Yeah, I'll have my religion,
  1445. but they begin to drift away from Christ.
  1446. And it says don't be carried away
  1447. by diverse and strange teachings.
  1448. It's good for the heart to
    be strengthened by grace
  1449. rather than foods.
  1450. The food doesn't profit.
  1451. Grace profits. What's grace?
  1452. It means all that Christ has done,
  1453. I receive as a gift.
  1454. That's grace.
  1455. I don't deserve it.
  1456. I'm not being good enough
    to get to heaven.
  1457. See, that's not grace.
  1458. That's falling in with the food.
  1459. Well, I'm trying to do the right things.
  1460. What about this food?
  1461. Yeah, it comes up all over the place.
  1462. Colossians: Therefore let no one
    pass judgment on you
  1463. in questions of food and drink.
  1464. Why? Food is one of the basic elements
  1465. of this world that people get hung up on
  1466. and think they have to do certain things
  1467. with food in order to merit
  1468. some kind of look from God.
  1469. It's just one of the basic things.
  1470. It works out a thousand different ways
  1471. and other than food.
  1472. It's just things we've got to do
  1473. that we think that God's
    going to be happy with,
  1474. and somehow it's going to get us
  1475. a good place.
  1476. It's going to get us
    acceptance in the end.
  1477. But it's all grace.
  1478. Look, any other way -
  1479. do you notice what he says?
  1480. It doesn't profit them.
  1481. Which means what?
  1482. It doesn't save them.
  1483. It doesn't profit.
  1484. It doesn't bring any advantage to them
  1485. at all whatsoever.
  1486. None.
  1487. I mean, you don't want to trade
  1488. being saved by this Christ
  1489. freely by grace as a gift
  1490. for doing things that you think
  1491. are going to make you good
  1492. or clean you up.
  1493. That's the basic mentality
  1494. with the religions of this world.
  1495. I've got to do this little thing,
  1496. you know, to clean up.
  1497. I kind of lived out of control
  1498. last weekend,
  1499. and now I go to church
  1500. and it's going to set me right.
  1501. No.
  1502. No, the true religion of the Scriptures
  1503. is we have a high priest
  1504. and He doesn't change.
  1505. And He made an offering once
  1506. and it satisfied His Father.
  1507. Oh, it satisfied Him.
  1508. We'll just end by looking at this.
  1509. You look at Hebrews 2.
  1510. Hebrews 2:14
  1511. "Since therefore, the children share
  1512. in flesh and blood..."
  1513. He's talking about the children of God.
  1514. He's talking about Christians here.
  1515. "Since therefore, the children
    share in flesh and blood..."
  1516. That means we're men; we're women.
  1517. We're sons and daughters of Adam.
  1518. We're human.
  1519. Since we're that, He Himself (Christ)
  1520. likewise partook of the same things.
  1521. He had to.
  1522. That through death,
  1523. He had to become man,
  1524. so that He could die as a man,
  1525. and in so doing, destroy the one
  1526. who has the power of death,
  1527. that is the devil,
  1528. and deliver us -
  1529. all those who through fear of death
  1530. and we do fear death by nature.
  1531. We were subject to lifelong slavery.
  1532. For surely it's not angels that He helps.
  1533. He helps the offspring of Abraham.
  1534. Therefore, He had to be made like
  1535. His brothers in every respect,
  1536. so that He might become
  1537. a merciful and faithful high priest
  1538. in the service of God.
  1539. Why?
  1540. To make propitiation.
  1541. That's the removal of wrath.
  1542. He removes the wrath for the sins
  1543. of the people.
  1544. Because He Himself has
    suffered when tempted,
  1545. He is able to help those
  1546. who are being tempted.
  1547. And He doesn't change.
  1548. He is a help to those
  1549. who are being tempted.
  1550. And He is victorious.
  1551. He can help.
  1552. He's laid down His life.
  1553. He has help for the sinner.
  1554. You can be ever so vile,
  1555. ever so filthy,
  1556. have commited ever so grave of sin,
  1557. so many of them that you can't count
  1558. and they're heaped up on your shoulders,
  1559. and they're going to drop you
    into the lowest parts of hell,
  1560. but this work that this
    high priest has done
  1561. has made propitiation.
  1562. That means total removal of wrath.
  1563. It's all wiped away.
  1564. That's what forgiveness is all about.
  1565. All of it. All your sins.
  1566. Past, present, and future
  1567. are forgiven in their entirety.
  1568. Propitiation has been made.
  1569. But He had to become a man.
  1570. But having become a man,
  1571. His priesthood doesn't change forever.
  1572. You think about this.
  1573. He is going to wear His humanity forever.
  1574. He saves those who come to God
  1575. through Him to the uttermost
  1576. because He as a man
  1577. and as a victorious high priest
  1578. being made like us in every respect -
  1579. He's like that forevermore.
  1580. He has taken the nature
    of humanity upon Him
  1581. forever.
  1582. That He might be a high priest forever.
  1583. To make intercession for us forever.
  1584. We'll we're going to press on
  1585. through those verses next week.
  1586. Father, we pray that You would
  1587. just help us to see the glories of Christ
  1588. in all of this as we wrap up
  1589. these last verses in Hebrews.
  1590. May we leave it going out
  1591. reminded of how this book
  1592. so exalts the supremacy of Christ;
  1593. the preeminence of Him
  1594. Who bought us with His blood.
  1595. Thank You.
  1596. Amen.