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Silicon Harlem - Apps Leadership Academy Launch - Feb 7 2014

Silicon Harlem - - Apps Leadership Academy Launch - at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building NYC on Feb 7 2014.

Bruce Lincoln - Project Director, Apps Youth Leadership Academy
Clayton Banks - Technical Lead, Apps Youth Leadership Academy
Curtis L. Archer - President, Harlem Community Development Corporation
Wayne A. Benjamin, Director of Residential Development, Harlem Community Development Corporation
Dr. Marta Moreno Vega - President/Founder, Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute

Apps Leadership Academy is a youth entrepreneurial program,a program, funded by the Harlem Community Development Corporation, to train students in mobile app development and startup entrepreneurships.
that will train roughly 20 high school-aged students annually to become collaborators in the development of various multimedia elements of the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI). The Apps Leadership Academy will provide youth participants with training in: web design, hosting and maintenance; apps development and publishing; multi-media and digital production; and social media advertising strategy and implementation. Furthermore, the program will provide participants with mentorship, team building and collaborative exercises, and will offer them experience running their own seed-funded technological start-up venture. The program will ready youth for participation in the existing technological job market, while empowering them to engage and grow with the digital economy of Harlem and Upper Manhattan. In the inaugural year of this project, launching in 2014, participants will focus on developing the augmented reality component of the Mi Querido Barrio project.

This augmented reality environment mobile app will use cutting-edge technology to overlay virtual reality objects atop real-world views as accessed through smartphones and tablets via mobile application. This technology is the ideal way to show something that no longer exists in its proper historical/locational context. For example, imagine that a user of the app is looking at a mural painted by Manny Vega at East 105th Street. The user, by looking through their smartphone at the physical mural, will be able to bring up other related information in various multimedia formats. This could be, for example, historical video or photographs, audio of an interview, or webpages providing additional resources.

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