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  1. In our count set up we are storing too much information for length, alright?
  2. Length gives all kinds of values and closing all these holes doesn't make a lot
  3. of sense. So now we are introducing buckets on this particular scalar. And we're
  4. defining a minimum length of one, a maximal length of 63 and then two other
  5. groups from 2 to 31, and 32 through 62. The syntax to implement these buckets is
  6. here. You start with the range key word. Then you actually set how big your
  7. range is. Could be a single number and you give it a name, right? So, names are
  8. here. And appropriate ranges are here. Here's the other syntax, if you have a
  9. from to kind of notification. We are already giving you the coverage. And the
  10. syntax to add it, right? So you'll just add basically your range specifications,
  11. something like this down here, and complete it for min, max, small and big.