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Getting Started With WordPress - Creative Crew


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Speaker: Lim Min Li and Zion Ng

Getting Started With Wordpress
- Brief history of WordPress
- vs
- Use cases of WordPress / WordPress as a CMS
- WordPress sites (from design perspective)
- WordPress themes / frameworks
- Demo: inside view of Enfold
- Demo: FB chat bot with WP backend
- Wordcamp

Min Li started using WordPress in 2004 when it was v1.2. She is on the organizing team for WordCamp Singapore, manages the WordPress SG social media accounts, and is a somewhat familiar face in the local hacker and maker communities. A communications graduate from Monash, she went on to receive training in product design in Milan, and recently levelled up her design skills in UX design at General Assembly London. She currently works as a consultant in healthcare and is a huge advocate of cakes for breakfast.

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