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7 Times Table Song - Katy Perry Firework COVER


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An easy and fun way to learn your seven times table. Join us and sing along!

7 Times Table:

Do you ever feel
To be completely frank
When you're asked a sum
That your mind goes blank

Do you ever feel
That's no way to think
Numbers going wild
You can't find the link

Did you know that you
Can make a lyric pay
Fire up your brain
Ignite the light to lead the way

There's no need to blank
And this songs to thank
It's our 7 times table
Yes, you are able to know

That 7 1s are 7
Thank heaven I've seen
that 7 2s are14 yeah, that's done!
7 3s are 21
And we've just begun!

Baby your alight and wait
You suddenly aware that 7 4s are 28
Keep your brain a-alive
7 times 5 is 35

35 + 7 I've got a clue
I know that 7 6s are 42
You think that this is hard, well I'm feeling fine
7 times 7 is 49

My quick fix
7 8s are clearly 56
And this next one I will give for free
Did you know that 7 9s are 63

Now we 've reached he top
I will sing it slow
10 times 7 is well... it is 7 0
Next one is a buzz
I will go insane
11 7s is 7 then 7 a-again!

Baby live it up - yeah you want some more
The last one in the list is 84
Come on all the girls and all the boys
Sing it with your heart and make some noise

Music by: Katy Perry
Lyrics by: The Musical Adventurists
Production: The Quick Brown Fox TV
London 2016