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  1. I need to replace x with x minus 5 and y with y plus 2. Remember, that the
  2. vertex of y equals 3x squared is at 0,0. So, if we want to move the graph down
  3. to and to the right 5, then the new vertex will be at 5, negative 2. Let's take
  4. a look at that new graph. Here, I've plugged in those transformations you talked
  5. about in the last quiz, replacing y with y plus 2 and x with x minus 5 to make
  6. the vertex be at 5, negative 2, like we just figured out. So remember, the 3
  7. here, this coefficient in front of the leading term, squish the parabola down to
  8. be skinnier than the parent function. And then, the addition of these constant
  9. terms shifted the graph over.