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  1. The Bible definitely, so many Scriptures,
  2. "The Lord loved the church
  3. and gave Himself for it."
  4. "Christ died for the church."
  5. "And the Lord added to the church daily
  6. such as should be saved."
  7. And when we use the word, "church,"
  8. we're talking about the assembly,
  9. the called out body of believers.
  10. The church always takes shape
  11. in the local body of believers
  12. who are in union and fellowship
  13. with one another under the teachings
  14. of the Word of God;
  15. committed to the ordinances
  16. of baptism and the Lord's Supper
  17. as laid down in the New Testament.
  18. And this is vital.
  19. In fact, there is no such thing as,
  20. I call it, being a lone ranger.
  21. Me being saved - out here - apart from
  22. my fellowship and my participation
  23. in the local body.
  24. I can't know that I'm a real Christian
  25. unless I'm in the local church.
  26. You can't know. You can't have any assurance
  27. that you're a real Christian by reading books
  28. and by listening to sermons
  29. and by being out here isolated
  30. and saying well, it's wonderful,
  31. oh, we love God.
  32. Listen, if we walk in the light
  33. as He is in the light
  34. we have fellowship one with another,
  35. and the blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son,
  36. cleanses us from all sin.
  37. By this we know that we have passed
  38. from death into life because we love the brethren.
  39. We have to have brethren around us
  40. to prove that we are Christians.
  41. And we have to have brethren,
  42. to show that we really love the brethren.
  43. And how can we love God,
  44. this is such a theme in the epistle of 1 John;
  45. how can we say we love God,
  46. and not be in union and in fellowship
  47. and in love with brothers and sisters in Christ
  48. in a local body?
  49. There will be contention,
  50. there will be division at times,
  51. there will be misunderstandings,
  52. there will be differences of opinion;
  53. but these have to be in grace,
  54. these have to be worked through,
  55. you have to live through these things.
  56. You have to walk through these things.
  57. And you have to submit to one another.
  58. You have to learn that we've been
  59. called out from the world
  60. and we've been put into an assembly
  61. on earth, and this is a unique organization.
  62. It's a unique structured, ordained work of God.
  63. This is His will for all His children,
  64. to be in a local church,
  65. submitting themselves to a pastor.
  66. Submitting themselves for accountability.
  67. To be where you can be admonished
  68. and exhorted and to hear the teaching
  69. of the Word of God.
  70. We've got to have that to be saved.
  71. And if we forsake that, if we forsake
  72. the assembling of ourselves together,
  73. we fall out of the realm of teaching,
  74. we fall out of the realm of oversight,
  75. we fall out of the area of communion and fellowship,
  76. we're no longer participating in the ordinances.
  77. There's no way in the world you can sit alone
  78. by yourself and take the Lord's Supper.
  79. There's no way in the world you can
  80. baptize yourself.
  81. You're baptized by someone else.
  82. You take the Lord's Supper with other people.
  83. It's a supper, and it's for the family.
  84. So, I would say again,
  85. there's a lot of misguided, misdirected
  86. souls that don't want to have any part
  87. of the local church.
  88. They're greatly in error.
  89. And I would not go so far as to say
  90. that all of them are completely lost,
  91. but I'm saying this,
  92. they are going to be very stunted
  93. and if they're not going to be willing
  94. to be accountable here,
  95. they're going to have to give an accounting to Him one day.
  96. And I sure wouldn't want to be standing before
  97. the Lord Jesus Christ when He says,
  98. "Why wouldn't you be a part of My church?"
  99. I would say that even if there was assembly -
  100. if you were not where there was the best church
  101. or a really good altogether sound church,
  102. if you were isolated alone,
  103. To have fellowship, and to submit...
  104. There are certain fundamental things
  105. that we could not make any compromise on.
  106. That if a local church did not teach certain things,
  107. salvation truly by grace,
  108. the deity of Jesus Christ,
  109. the infallibility of the Word of God, and so on,
  110. these fundamental things that
  111. you can't even be in question of
  112. and even be a Christian.
  113. There's lots of peripheral issues that we
  114. could make concession,
  115. in order to go to church.
  116. I had a friend one time who wrote a tract,
  117. "Go to Church or Go to Hell."
  118. It was a very enlightening little bit of literature.
  119. The Lord added to the church
  120. they that should be saved.
  121. Why would the Lord have you in a place
  122. that there would not be a church?
  123. If you're in a place where you don't have
  124. a place to worship and people to meet with,
  125. you better find a place where you can
  126. find a church.
  127. Let's not look for a job first,
  128. and then look for a church.
  129. Let's look for a church first,
  130. and then find a job.