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  1. - [Narrator] We love computers,
  2. from our tablets to our laptops,
  3. we can't seem to get enough of them.
  4. But do you ever think about
  5. how safe your personal information is
  6. while using your devices?
  7. That's what we thought, no judgment.
  8. Here are four easy things you can do today
  9. to be safer online.
  10. First things first,
  11. it's time to clean out your email account.
  12. That passport scan from
    your last trip abroad
  13. or your monthly phone bill
  14. are juicy bits of information
  15. that make it easy for someone
    to steal your identity.
  16. Get to inbox zero.
  17. If you want to save anything,
  18. download it to your computer
  19. and delete it from your account.
  20. Don't forget to empty out your trash, too.
  21. Next up, it's everyone's
    favorite topic, passwords.
  22. Go through all of your accounts
  23. and start cleaning up your passwords.
  24. Adding a 1 or exclamation point
    to your old trusty password
  25. just doesn't cut it anymore.
  26. Upgrade to passwords
    that are harder to hack,
  27. aka long, unique, and random.
  28. If that sounds like too much,
  29. get a password manager
    like Firefox Lockwise.
  30. And just like that, boom,
  31. say goodbye to the forgot password button.
  32. Once you've secured your accounts,
  33. update your software across the board.
  34. Clicking remind me tomorrow
  35. won't make the annoying pop ups go away,
  36. you know who you are.
  37. Plus updating your
    software, operating system,
  38. and browser protects you
    against viruses and malware.
  39. Pro tip, switch to a browser
  40. that also protects your privacy.
  41. From your laptop to your phone,
  42. Firefox has you covered against
    nosy advertisers by default.
  43. As we move from one screen to the next,
  44. a little detox can play a huge role
  45. in keeping our devices healthy
    and our information safe.