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  1. Exploratory data analysis is an opportunity to let
  2. the data surprise you. Think back to the
  3. goals of your investigation. What question are you
  4. trying to answer? That question might be relatively simple
  5. or one dimensional like the comparison of two
  6. groups on a single outcome variable that you
  7. care about. Even in such a case, exploratory
  8. data analysis is an opportunity to learn about surprises
  9. in the data. Features of the data that
  10. might lead to unexpected results. It can also be
  11. an opportunity to learn about other interesting things
  12. that are going on in your data. What should
  13. you do first? While certainly you want to
  14. understand the variables that are most central to your
  15. analysis, often, this is going to take the form
  16. of producing summaries and visualizations of those individual variables.